Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Invitation to a Black Tie Event

You're cordially invited to bring your fine self to the Southern Magic Readers' Luncheon.
Get your ticket at Southern Magic and come meet Sylvia Day.
Each attendee will receive a bag of books and author swag,
sit at a table with one or two published authors, and have opportunities to win baskets full of goodies.
The Reader's Luncheon isn't a formal event (unless you want it to be). But most everyone has attended an event where they had to dress up: Prom, Homecoming, Wedding, etc. My favorite formal was prom (I can't remember the year- early 90s) but the Juniors hosted a Midnight Breakfast for the Seniors and my dad drove me and a bunch of friends (more than we had seatbelts for) in our Aerostar mini-van. Most of the girls sat on their dates' laps and there may or may not have been a flask of Southern Comfort being passed around in the back. "Hey, where's my Strawberry Hill?" It's funny that I don't remember much about the prom or the breakfast, but I remember the ride. Laughing, singing, closeness. A sense of "these are the times we'll remember."

It's release day for Winter Formal: A Southern College Novella.
Life is going according to plan for Sibba Douglas until she gets blackmailed. Her future dream of being a doctor is threatened unless she can help a spoiled fraternity boy do well on the MCAT.
Nash Lincoln knows he needs to settle down and focus on his studies, but academics have taken a back seat to social events and he’s coasting by on little sleep and lots of pills. The distraction of a tutor he’s admired from afar isn’t helping matters.
Substance abuse leads to tragedy and draws Sibba and Nash closer together. But it may also be the thing that tears them apart.
Prom '89. He was so handsome. Mama made my dress.
I'm giving away a signed paperback of Winter Formal if you live in the U.S. or an eCopy of Winter Formal (outside the U.S.), but I need something from you first: Leave a comment with your email address and tell me about your most memorable formal event. I'll choose a winner first thing Saturday morning (9/6/14). You'll also be entered to win the Blogfest Grand Prize: Kindle Fire and a bunch of eBooks from Southern Magic's stable of fantastic authors. Trust me, you want to enter. (Come back and visit every day in September. Each post will be giving away a book or gift card! The Grand Prize winner will be drawn on September 30th.)
 ***The winner of the signed copy of Winter Formal is Carol Bibb. Congratulations!***
Most memorable formal--Go!


Naima Simone said...

Most memorable formal? What came to mind was my senior prom, but on the heels of it was one I attended with my husband about ten years ago. I wore this black, bedazzled dress...and so did the date of my hubby's best friend. And she was skinnier--the heifer. Snicker! So there the two of us are...sitting at the same table...trying to avoid eye contact because I'm sure we were thinking the same thing: No that b***h didn't just show up here in MY dress!! LOLOL!!

CONGRATULATIONS on the release of WINTER FORMAL, Meda!! Wishing you many, many sales!!

Rita Bay said...

Congrats on your new release. My most memorable was my one and only Mardi Gras ball. Event and date were a disappointment I never repeated.

Charlotte said...

My most memorable formal event was when I was crowned Valentine Queen for my soriety, Beta Sigma Phi. I was so nervous but it was such a beautiful evening complete with red and white decorations, music, dancing, and liquor!!! i wore a red silk pantsuit which blended right in with the decor. I didn't get tipsy from the liquor but the silver spinning ball with flashing lights did me in. I still have my crown which is more that a little tarnished these days just like me so we are a perfect match. I am looking forward to reading your latest book. Congratulations and best wishes for run away sales.

Unknown said...

Naima- you know you wore it best. LOL. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Rita- I've never been to a Mardi Gras ball, but they have several in P'cola where I used to live. I love the bright colors. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Charlotte- Congratulations on being Valentine Queen. That's special and I love that your suit blended in, like camouflage, ay? Thank you for your kind words.

Larynn Ford said...

Congrats Meda!
No formals in my past. Ah, such is the life on a plain Jane.

bn100 said...

Prom with friends

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Kimberly Dawn said...

Most memorable would be senior prom. I am not one to dress up at all, but it was fun for one night! If I remember right, we went and played pool afterwards, still dressed up! Lol!

Callie James said...

Sorry I didn't have a chance to comment yesterday. Many congrats, Meda! Story sounds wonderful. And your picture is adorable.

Unknown said...

~Larynn- What? No formal? We need to remedy that. We should wear formal attire to the reader's luncheon for real. Let's match Naima's bedazzled dress. LOL

~bn100- Proms are great, aren't they?

~Kimberly Dawn- I can picture you running the table in your sequined gown. I used to be a good pool player. :) Way to go!

~Callie- Thank you so much. It was the late 80s, and sadly, my hair wasn't a super-structure. There wasn't enough Aqua Net in Georgia to make my hair hold curl or stay lifted. LOL

Carol Bibb said...
I have never attended a formal event, I am a small town girl.

Unknown said...

Meda, I'm sure this story will be as great as the other one that I read. I look forward to reading this one too!

Unknown said...

~Carol, you and Larynn are gonna have to wear sequins to the readers luncheon. We'll pretend it's a formal. :)

~Philisha, thank you. This is one of my faves, but I don't want to say I have a favorite child. I love them all equally. LOL

Unknown said...

And the winner is...drum roll please...Carol Bibb. Congratulations!

Shadow said...

Awe! What a pretty picture! Sounds like yall had an awesome time! Ive been to prom, not really that fun for me. My aunts wedding on the other hand, was a blast! There was a lot of partying! And dancing & singing! My feet hurt my the end of the night. It was amazing! Thanks for sharing! :) And for the smile! You have me thinking on good times!