Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've Got No Strings

This year has been a most interesting one for me. I've come close, very close, to achieving my dream goal of publication. I've been revising, resubmitting, revising, resubmitting, revi s i n g and .... .... ....

I've been part of a puppet show, a marionette on stage, moving of my own accord, but not totally free of the doubts that separate me from being "a real boy." A real player in the writing world. A PUBLISHED player.

I looked free, but the strings were there. Invisible strings were jerking my mind in all kinds of silly directions. I kept writing. I kept dreaming. But the gossamer strings would pull me out of my joyful writing time and into the murky recesses of trying to get published.

What would it take to lose these strings? Would I have to be swallowed by a large whale after a series of misadventures just like Pinocchio? Or would I escape the belly of the beast and sail easily through the waters as the strings snapped and set me free?

Pinocchio had a great fairy watching over him who gave him all the tools he needed to become a "real boy." The fairy told him what he had to do. He had to prove through his actions that he was worthy of being a "real boy."  He had a free will to choose to do what was right, but he continually chose the wrong path which led to all kinds of mishaps and misadventures. It wasn't until Pinocchio stopped chasing his own selfish pursuits and put the needs of his father first that he became a real boy.

And that is the answer I was looking for in my own puppet world. I am already a "real boy" if I choose to pursue my art and my craft for the sheer joy of pursuing it. I have the power within me to cut the strings of doubt and fear so that I am no longer a marionette dancing to the invisible pull of a force that I can't control.

If I act like a "real writer" then I will be treated like one. I show up and do the work I need to do to grow as a writer. I learn my craft. I write my stories. I go to great conferences. I network with other writers, published and unpublished. I show up with my bag on my back, my texts inside, my pens and paper loaded and I skip along the path eager to learn and play.

Yes, I want publication. But that isn't why I started writing. And after a great deal of thought and deliberation I've declared a truce with the business side of writing. The chase, the push to get through the door will not overwhelm my original reason for sitting down and writing my first story. I give myself permission to enjoy the writing, the learning of my craft, the joy of being surrounded by others who love this great and wonderful world of romance.

So today I am free. There are no strings to tie me down. Now I write because it brings me joy. I write because I love my characters. I write because I love being challenged. I write because I am a "real writer."

Are you ready to cut the strings that tie you down? Are you ready to set sail across the waters with joy? Join me as we sail across the oceans. Together we will enjoy our journey.


Katherine Bone said...

Loved this! ;)

Well, now that things have calmed down a bit, I'd like to focus more on writing than anything else. Sometimes you have to break away in order to break out. Right?

Unknown said...

Hear, hear! Excellent post -- thank you.

Christine said...

Hi Kathy: yes, now that things have calmed down it will be nice to focus on why we started writing. Freely. Without doubt. Just enjoy the journey!!


Christine said...

Hi JoAnn: Thanks for the cheers!

Happy writing!

Anonymous said...

HI Christine! Thanks for such a great post - you said it beautifully. We all get stuck on the goal and forget to enjoy the journey!!

Christine said...

Hi Jennifer: I'm so glad you popped into say hi! I agree. We get caught up in the goal and forget to enjoy the ride. I am enjoying the ride. So glad to hear from you and hope you have happy writing days :-)

Anonymous said...

It does require putting your butt in the chair to write. I set a goal and work toward it. Whoever ask writing is work, has never done it. Nice post, you are so right.

Susan Carlisle

Heather said...

Fantastic post - just the motivation I needed. It is too easy to get distracted by all the writing related worries and activities.

Christine said...

Hi Susan: I'm glad you popped in to say hi! It's so true. I wish I had a dollar for every person who said they had a book they wanted to write when I tell them I write. I'd be rich. I wouldn't need a publisher LOL.

But I don't have a dollar for every person who has said that to me, so I continue to put my behind in the chair and work. One day the rest of the glory will follow.


Christine said...

Hi Heather: I'm so glad this post motivated you!! I hope you have a great writing day :-)

Gwen Hernandez said...

I love your analogy, Christine. I've been going through much the same thought process lately. Time to lose the strings and get back to the joy!

Christine said...

Hi Gwen: I'm glad you're setting sail with joy again. The writing is the reason we're in this game. And I love to play at it all day long :-)