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Author: Jillian Chantal

Title: Captain Vane's Daughter

Released: February 6, 2018


Lydia Vane has been told all her life that she is the illegitimate daughter of the savage pirate, Captain Charles Vane. Her mother perished in childbirth, leaving her with a cruel grandmother. As soon as her evil grandmother died, Lydia, along with her faithful companion and freed slave, Benedict, set sail for the West Indies to find the truth of her parentage. Immediately upon their arrival in Jamaica, Lydia encounters a privateer who offers to help her.

Leo Mountbank, a privateer being threatened with the noose for piracy, believes the lovely Lydia is misguided and foolish in her quest. Drawn to her, he agrees to join the search. Benedict doesn't trust the scalawag, but Lydia is set on doing things her way. Fearing for her safety and virtue, Benedict resolves to be vigilant in protecting her. But then Lydia leaves with the pirate and Benedict fears all is lost.


A young man in a black frock coat came striding across the grass, which was quickly turning to mud. He was soaking wet as well, although the rain seemed to bead up on the great coat rather than soak through the material. I had a fleeting thought that the wool coat seemed out of place on this island where the temperature was quite warm. The man's hair was plastered to his head and I realized mine had to look as bad as his.

"I'm Leo Mountbank." The man held his hand out as if he were in a formal parlor. I took hold of it. "Lydia Vane."

"Oh ho, Miss Vane. It is Miss, right?"

"That's right. I'm not married." Could this evening in the cemetery get any odder? I can't believe we're standing here chatting as water runs down our necks, ruining our clothing.

Leo nodded at the tombstone. "Any relation to that old pirate?"

I wasn't about to tell this stranger that I was in Jamaica for the sole purpose of learning about this very pirate who was hanged in 1721, the year I turned two. Rumor had it he was in the Carolina about seven months before my birthday in March of 1719. The official story was he was there in order to coax Blackbeard to help him retake Nassau form the English.

My grandmother's version was that he was there in order to seduce young ladies. She'd always said he fathered me while he was there and that was the great shame of my mother's short life. A price she paid in full, it seems, by dying giving birth to me. My grandmother never forgave me for not obliging and doing the same. After a long childhood of being my grandmother's whipping post, as soon as she herself was in the ground, I booked passage away from home, planning to never return. I had a burning need to leave that place.

About the Author:

Jillian Chantal is the nom de plume of a lawyer moonlighting as a    writer of romantic fiction. Most often she can be found either at her
keyboard banging out words, working on a legal issue or just surfing the web and calling it research. Her other guilty pleasure is her one-sided love affair with the actor Alan Rickman. She owns all his movies and would probably give away her cat for a chance to meet him. She'd keep her children, though. It would be a sacrifice, but she would be brave.

Jillian lives on the Florida Gulf Coast where she bemoans the
humidity most of the year but she's otherwise charming and
engaging (at lease in her own mind).

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