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Author: Nancee Cain

Title: Loving Lili

Released: January 22, 2018


Their lovemaking is hot and dirty. Their breakups are nasty and epic.

Tired of taking the blame for every wicked thing that happens on earth, fallen angel Luc DeVille decides to write a tell-all book exposing The Boss.

Sharing a long and passionate history, Luc is shocked when Lili Nix arrives to interview for the job as editor. Immediately the verbal sparring begins, but the sexual chemistry remains combustible. Fascinated by his heavenly creature, Luc changes his home game plan. After all, she's the only angel who has ever held his attention and understood his intentions.

Being in this world, but not of this world, is a lonely business. Can two lost angels connect and make it last this time?


     Luc chuckles. "What's on the agenda today? Aside from kinky sex and working on my book?"

     "Kinky sex is not one of the services you are procuring. Just editing and probably ghostwriting, judging by what I've read."

     "My, my, aren't we touchy this morning. You need caffeine, my dear. And my writing isn't that bad."

     I raise one eyebrow. "It reads like a pedantic textbook and put me to sleep in no time."

     "Ah, that accounts for the lovely lavender circles under your eyes." His blue eyes twinkle with devilment.

     "Smart ass." I gratefully accept the coffee he hands me. "Do you want breakfast?"

     "Depends on what you're offering. You with some chocolate and whipped cream would be delightful."

     I roll my eyes. "You're just full of cliches."

     "I aim to please."

     "Don't you have some clueless human you can use these pathetic pickup lines on?"

     "Always." He stares out the window, not speaking for a moment. "I'm tired, Lili." His voice sounds uncharacteristically soft, his look pensive.

     I put my cut down. "Tired? You can go back to bed if you'd like." I quickly add, "Alone."

     "Not that kind of tired. Just..." He shrugs. "I don't know."

     I stare at him, trying to stay one step ahead. I think I need more coffee before trying to figure out this angel's angle. As if reading my mind, Luc refreshes my cup, and I instinctively step back. It's eerie how he knows me.

     "I want to propose an idea."

     I wait for the punch line. With Luc, nothing is ever as it seems. There are always strings attached.

     "You said last night we could be friends. Could we give it a try?" His gaze holds mine.

     Here we go.

     "With you, being friends means benefits. Not no, but hell no. I'll work with you on your damn book, but that's it."

     "I don't care about the book. I just want...never mind." He turns his back to me and hangs his head, his arms outstretched, gripping the counter. His fiery wings droop and disappear.

     Curiosity gets the best of me. "Want what?"

     He looks over his shoulder at me. "Twenty-four hours to just be with me. No hidden agenda, no games, it will be a true vacation. I just want to relax and be myself with someone who understands me."

     I laugh at his preposterous proposition. "No sex. No flirting. Just hanging out together?" I laugh so hard my coffee sloshes in my mug. When he doesn't immediately respond, my laughter dies. An awkward silence lingers.

     "Yep. Let's pretend we're boring humans. They seem happy enough at times. Maybe a little flirting; I'm not a monk."

     "You're kidding me. You sneer and make fun of humans."

     Luc nods. "I did and still do. Not many of them are worth anything, but then one comes along and surprises you."

     I cock my head to the side and study him. "Did you love her? Or him?" I ask softly.

     My gut clenches at the thought. I know he's not celibate; he isn't wired that way. And I'm fine with him having one-night stands, but...

     He frowns and rubs his finger over the granite counter. "I don't know. I don't know that I'm capable of love. She was intriguing, for sure." He looks at me and my toes curl. "Jo reminded me a lot of you. She didn't take shit off anyone. And she truly cared about me."

     Ah, he's talking about the human that won the heart of Raphael. I heard all about it from Madge. A tinge of jealousy zips through me, but I push it aside. I'm surprised by his self-awareness. He's right. Being incapable of love is his problem. And it's my problem because I do love him.

     "So, you're proposing a truce?" I'm not one hundred percent sure I can trust him, but I want to. And he's right; it's exhausting not being able to show your true self. This is exactly what I've missed, connecting with other angels.

     "Yeah. For twenty-four hours. Unless you're too chicken to try."

     My feathers ruffle before settling. I know what he's doing. He knows I won't back down from a challenge.

     "Fine." I hold out my hand, sure he's going to either kiss it or yank me closer. At this point in time, I'd be fine with either. I'm hopeless where he's concerned.

     To my surprise, he gives it a firm handshake. "Good. I'm going for a run, be thinking about what you want to do today as we explore being human." He whistles for Black Shuck, who follows his master out the door.

     This strange turn in our relationship feels surreal. Twenty-four hours. As friends. It's never happened before.

     I give him twelve hours to fuck it up.

About the Author:

During the day Nancee Cain works as a nurse in the field of addiction to support her coffee and reading habit. Nights are spent writing paranormal and contemporary romances with a serrated edge.

Authors have always been her rock stars, and she's been known to stalk a few for an autograph, but not in a scary, Stephen King way. Her husband swears her To-Be-Read list on her e-reader qualified her as a certifiable book horder.

Always looking to try something new, she dreams of being an extra in a Bollywood film or a tattoo artist. (Her lack of rhythm and artistic ability may put a damper on both of these dreams.)

Connect with Nancee at     Website     Facebook     Twitter

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