Friday, March 16, 2018

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Author:  Alexandra Rushe

Title:  A Meddle of Wizards (Fledging Magic)

Released:  January 9, 2018


Welcome to Tandara, where gods are fickle, nightmares are real, and trolls make excellent bakers...

Raine Stewart always thought she would die young in Alabama, alone and miserable from her chronic illness. Until a man in a shabby cloak walked in through her mirror and demanded help to stop a bloodthirsty wizard who worships a mad god.

Raine is sure she's hallucinating, just one more insult from her failing body. But she refuses anyway. So he kidnaps her, launching her into a world of utmost danger--and urgent purpose.

Tandara is fresh and cruel as nature itself, ruled by unpredictable gods and unstable nations. Shapeshifters and weather-workers advise queens and legends. Giants and trolls patrol unforgiving mountains. Riverboats pulled by sea-cattle ply trade down broad waterways. And creatures of nightmare and farce stalk Raine herself, vicious in the pursuite of her blood.

It's lucky, then, that she's been kidnapped by a bad as resourceful as it is odd: a mage-shy warrior, a tattered wizard, and a prickly troll sorceress. They swear she has power of her own, too. If she can stay under their protection, she might just live long enough to find out...

About the Author:

Alexandra Rushe was born in South Alabama, and grew up climbing trees, searching for sprites and fairies in the nearby woods, and dreaming of other worlds. The daughter of an english teacher and a small-town judge,  Rushe developed a love of reading early on, and haunted the school and local libraries, devouring fairy tales, myths and tales of adventure. In the seventh grade, she stumbled across a copy of The Hobbit, and was forever changed.

When not writing, Rushe is the pastry chef at Jabberwocky Cafe, a local eatery that caters to magical folk. Her gnome nut bars, pixie palmiers, and wizard struesel are popular favorites, but her pound cake is the bestseller. As it happens, the rolling hills near Rushe's home are filthy with trolls, and pound cake is an excellent way to tame them... unless the trolls live under a bridge, in which case, Rushe recommends goat puffs.

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