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Author:  Katherine Bone

Title:  My Lord Rogue (Daring A Rogue to Love Anthology)

Released:  November 28, 2017


Indulge in Daring A Rogue To Love: Six tales of unrepentant rogues and the women who win their hearts. These scoundrels don’t stand a chance!

An infamous rogue meets his match in a feisty chaperone who has all but given up on love.

Felicity Beckett’s uncle has tasked her with one goal for Lord and Lady Forsythe’s country house party. Keep her innocent cousin away from the notorious rake, Lord Lindsay. Unfortunately, no one warned Felicity how irresistible a rogue can be.

As a child, Lady Elizabeth Kendall glimpsed fantastical images in a mirror of a handsome man. Imagine her surprise when years later she meets a duke who bears a striking resemblance to her imaginary suitor.

A masterful spy in disguise reunites with a noble rogue from her past. Espionage, secrecy, and thwarted assassination attempts. The only thing more dangerous is being in love…

What happens when an American shipping company heiress crosses paths with a domineering pirate? Can two people whose life paths are at odds find common ground?

Lady Viola Oberbrook longed for a quiet life in the country, far from London and the society who'd shunned her during her first season. She never expected to come face-to-face with Lord Haversham, the only man who had every right to despise her.

Eugenia Hawthorne, daughter of a deceitful highwayman, saves the life of the Earl of Trentham after he’s deposited at her door suffering from a bullet wound. Outsmarting her father, the earl becomes her guardian and takes Eugenia to live as his ward in his beautiful country estate, Lilac Court. But what does he really want from her?


“Why are you here?” he finally asked. Taking a deep breath to regain control, Simon swallowed back his amazement at how quickly his desire for a woman he couldn’t have had risen to the surface. It was a rush of passion so brutal and all-consuming, he could barely withstand it.
She didn’t answer.
A gamut of conflicting emotions assailed him. “Why are you here, Baroness?” he asked again, abiding by her wishes. “Has something happened?”
Gillian stepped backward and peered down at the assembling crowd, as if searching for someone in particular. If not for Chauncey, then for whom?
“’Tis no concern of yours . . . for now,” she confided. Her voice held an undecipherable edge. What did she know? What had occurred that made her come back to London? To Simon’s knowledge, she’d sequestered herself in Kent for the past five years. She wouldn’t return unless there was justification to do so.
He was determined not to be put off. “You once swore you’d never return to the theater, and you are dressed in widow’s weeds . . . Why?”
“For reasons I cannot explain at this moment. Now, if you don’t mind, I have been long without culture, and Holcroft’s Deaf and Dumb is about to begin.” She smiled coquettishly, once more dismissing him.
“I’m disinclined to believe that is the only reason you are here.”
She forced another smile. “You may presume whatever you like. What you believe is none of my concern.”
“It should be,” he said firmly.
Her eyes narrowed into slits. The air around them charged like brilliant light crisscrossing a fused sky. Oh, how she must hate him.
He made every effort to remain calm, to prevent her from seeing how deeply wounded he was by her insolence. “When have you ever seen a widow at the opera? If you intended not to draw attention to yourself, you have failed. Black attire is an unusual choice. It leads me to recall one particular time your masquerading as a widow earned a disagreeable end . . .”
“How dare you remind me of Sarah Siddons,” she said, her tone carefully controlled. “I worked extremely hard to portray Lady Macbeth. If not for my father . . .” Gillian turned away from him. “I cannot go on. Leave,” she whispered. “Before it’s too late.”
“Too late?” He huffed. “What has taken hold of you? It’s unlike you to be so nervous.”
“I am not nervous. I am all anticipation,” she said. Her words wavered slightly as she stepped farther into the shadows. “It has been too long since . . . I’ve attended a production.” She stared strangely at her hands, making him wonder what was fascinating her. She glanced up, her eyes sullen, transformed. Was it because she still hated him?
“Time has never been on our side, Simon.”
Lucifer take it, she’d finally used his given name. A disemboweling dagger couldn’t have done more damage. If he didn’t do something soon, he was going to bleed out. And that simply would not do. “Gillian,” he said, unable to control the passion that crept into his voice. “Something is wrong. I can feel it. I assure you, I can give you—”
“Nothing,” she said with split-second timing. She turned back to look at him, a forlorn smile on her face. “This is something I must do.”
Did she hate him that much?
“You aren’t going to tell me why you are here, are you?

Katherine Bone has been passionate about all things historical since she was an Army brat traveling all over the world. As a budding artist, she met and fell in love with her own Prince Charming, a dashing lieutenant vowing duty, honor, and country. Whisked away to more Army bases, castles, battlegrounds and cathedrals, it was during this time in her life that the muse called with abandon, introducing her to swashbuckling characters promising adventures that would ease the lonely hours Charming was called away on duty. No longer nomadic, Katherine and her rogue have raised four children and set down southern roots with their fluffy Maine Coon, Christine Daae.

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