Friday, March 17, 2017

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Author: Katherine Kobey

Title: A Heart of Steel, part three

Released: December 28, 2016


"So he's the one," Casey said with a grin, staring at her mother. What an emotional day with the admission of Shelby's tormented life, followed by the heartwarming story of a stranger's outpouring of love, and then ending with a confession of a young love affair that dazzled the heart of her sweet daughter, Casey.

Through all, Shelby Porter had been through with her abusive husband, Richard, and her heart pining for her long-lost love, Jack Emerson, Shelby accidentally discovers and undisclosed secret about her tormented life. All the years of asking why came to light with the answer she now held in her hand. Or so she thought...

A heated attempted murder trial, a family ripped apart, a woman existing every breath with fear and heartache. When Shelby's husband reveals his deception--one of profound circumstances--it opens up a whole new world to her and gives her heart the hope she's so long looked for. The love she's deserved.

But tragedy strikes for Shelby and Jack, putting them on exactly the course they were destined to be on where more family twists, turns, and secrets are disclosed and their world erupts.

When Jack is confronted with the monster who destroyed his and Shelby's life, will he be able to refrain from the revenge he so desires? Or, will he take the higher road? The one Shelby would have him travel? Hope and faith are all they have, but will it be enough?

This is the epic conclusion of A Heart of Steel, the journey of one woman's life, love, and destiny...and the power of passion, heartache, tragedy, fame, and fortune held together by a family secret so powerful and clandestine, het it will strengthen the greatest love story of modern day, a love destined to be forever...

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