Friday, February 17, 2017

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Author: Brina Cary

Title: The Surgeon's Dilemma (Wards of Avalon)

Released: November 12, 2016


A devastating day...

When neurosurgeon Oliver Brooks loses a little girl on the operating table, it nearly ends his life too. All he ever wanted was to help people--especially those already struggling with day to day hardships. Desperate to make a real difference, he secretly opens a non-profit clinic and provides free healthcare to those who otherwise couldn't afford it.

What Oliver didn't realize is how much his own dismal life needed saving...

Life changing consequences...
One clinic patient, Daniella, a beautiful little girl, is fighting for her life from an unknown illness. The testing she needs is more than the clinic can provide... and much more expensive than her single mother, Synthia, can afford. But Oliver can't turn them away... and he can't get Synthia out of his mind. Her steel determination to make a home for Dani heals some old wounds from his childhood that he thought he'd gotten past.

Determined to help, Oliver offers to marry Synthia so his insurance will pay for all of Dani's tests and treatments. It might be a marriage of convenience, but for all the right reasons.

But Oliver falls in love with his new family, circumstances come into play and threatens to take everything he's worked for. Including the love and family he didn't know he needed...

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