Friday, April 28, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Pam Mantovani

Title: Crystal Clear

Released: February 8, 2017


Self-contained business consultant Jill Hatcher's one goal in life is to allow no one control over life. Especially a man. But when she accepts her best friend's request to set up and manage an in-house daycare for three months, Jill has to work with the one man who has the power to break down the barrier guarding her heart.

Over-protective single father Michael Faraway wants a stable life for his four-year-old son and himself. While he does indulge his passion for Jill, he tries to shield his son from being hurt by a woman who has made it clear she isn't looking for a long-term commitment. But when Michael see Jill's rapport with his son, he becomes determined to find a way to keep her in his life.

Michael and his adorable son expect everything and offer more than Jill dared dream. Determined to hold onto her independence, she's afraid to let emotions rule her decisions. Only when a heart is shattered will her answer become crystal clear.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Jillian Chantal

Title: The Bachelor and the Dowager

Released: January 26, 2017


Banished to the dower house by her stepson who believes she is after his fortune, the Dowager Duchess of Whittington lives a lonely existence during her year of mourning. Missing her husband and forbidden by the new duke to travel to London and stay in the ducal residence, twenty-two-year-old Hannah Otto despairs of ever going out of the countryside.

Bored and somewhat annoyed at the restrictions placed on her, Hannah makes plans to visit a friend in London shortly before her mourning period is over.

Before Hannah has a chance to finalize those plans, her butler notifies her of a man n her courtyard. A bleeding, unconscious man slumped over the back of a fine steed. Feeling sorry for him yet glad for some excitement, Hannah has him brought inside.

But when he appears to be a French spy, she realizes the enormity of what she's done.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Cecilia Dominic

Title: Aether Rising

Released: January 24, 2017


No one can lie to Louisa Cobb. It's her gift. Her curse. Magic her stepfather has no compunction about using to gain the upper hand in business.  But when Parnaby Cobb presents her with her latest mark, she realizes he's testing her loyalty.

Her target is Patrick O'Connell, an Irish tinker and scoundrel who stole a kiss-and-her-heart-years ago. Should she betray her stepfather to set Patrick free, she'll be cut off without a penny to her name.

Patrick knows exactly why he's been captured, why he's struggling to lie into Louisa's sky-blue eyes. He's invented a device to stabilize and direct the mysterious Eros Element. If he fails to recreate it for Cobb, his closest friend's happiness will be at risk.

Back in Boston, as Patrick stalls for time and Louisa uncovers secrets of her tragic past the two of them engage in a treacherous dance on the edge of love and danger. Where one wrong step could condemn them both to everlasting heartache-and unleash an unimaginably powerful force that could destroy their world.

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Friday, April 07, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Peggy Webb

Title: The Rules of Engagement

Released: January 21, 2017


A laugh-aloud trio of romantic comedies from the award-winning, bestselling author reviewers call a "comic genius." Review. "This may just be the Best Box Set of the Year! It starts with a hilarious scene in the first book and never lets up! Don't miss it!"

The Goddess Trap: First, a MUCH younger woman steals Gloria's role as reigning goddess of daytime TV. Then she wrecks her car in the backside of nowhere and is consigned to the role of houseguest on a crutch without Godiva chocolates. What's a goddess to do except get up to her neck in her host's hilarious problems...and fall for the hunk whose teenaged son fixes up her Ferrari. But can their affair survive everybody's raging hormones plus the sassy interference of Gloria's publicist, Godzilla in high heels?

An Unlikely Affair: Newly divorced Kate, looking for a fresh start in a new town, lands up to her activist's neck in controversy...and running for mayor. But what's an independent woman to do when she falls for her opponent?

I Do and so Does the Gorilla: Dr. Ellen Stanford is fearless with animal research, but when she decides to take a fake fiance to the family reunion to fend off nosy personal questions, all bedlam breaks loose. First, she hires a man so mysterious he won't tell his real name, and then her research subject falls for him! Can a doctor, a hunk, and a gorilla ever untangle a web of little white lies?

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Friday, March 31, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Aidee Ladnier

Title: The Applicant

Released: January 11, 2017


How can something so cuddly and adorable be so destructive? The teddy bear robot decimating his lab is only the first disaster of the day for roboticist Forbes Pohle. If he can figure out how to end it's rampage, he still has to interview applicants for the position of research assistant and convince the time traveler on his doorstep that they should be making their future right now.

Oliver Lennox didn't travel back in time to have a quickie in the blast chamber--but it certainly is fun. This younger Forbes is a sweeter, more innocent version of his lover. And it will be hard to leave him behind in the past.

If you like sexy nerds, humor, plenty of action, and a love story not even time can disrupt, this romantic adventure has the perfect credentials for the job.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Betty Bolte

Title: Undying Love, Secrets of Roseville Book 1

Released: January 10, 2017


When architect Meredith Reed inherits her family's plantation after the devastating loss of her family, she much choose how to move on with her life. Keeping the plantation? Not a good idea. Sell it? Better. Turn it into a memorial park? Better yet. But can she go against her family traditions and the hunky but irate lawyer?

Max Chandler needs tow things to complete his life plan: become a senior partner and find his soul mate. He's due a promotion once his legislation to protect the county's historic properties is approved. The wife part he finds more challenging, having never met the right woman. If only the talented, attractive, aloof Meredith didn't want to destroy the very property he cherishes.

While Meredith struggles to reconcile her past and future, will she learn a lesson from the spectral Lady in Blue in time to save both her family and home from destruction? (Updated and revised edition; originally published in 2014 as Traces)

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Friday, March 17, 2017

FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Katherine Kobey

Title: A Heart of Steel, part three

Released: December 28, 2016


"So he's the one," Casey said with a grin, staring at her mother. What an emotional day with the admission of Shelby's tormented life, followed by the heartwarming story of a stranger's outpouring of love, and then ending with a confession of a young love affair that dazzled the heart of her sweet daughter, Casey.

Through all, Shelby Porter had been through with her abusive husband, Richard, and her heart pining for her long-lost love, Jack Emerson, Shelby accidentally discovers and undisclosed secret about her tormented life. All the years of asking why came to light with the answer she now held in her hand. Or so she thought...

A heated attempted murder trial, a family ripped apart, a woman existing every breath with fear and heartache. When Shelby's husband reveals his deception--one of profound circumstances--it opens up a whole new world to her and gives her heart the hope she's so long looked for. The love she's deserved.

But tragedy strikes for Shelby and Jack, putting them on exactly the course they were destined to be on where more family twists, turns, and secrets are disclosed and their world erupts.

When Jack is confronted with the monster who destroyed his and Shelby's life, will he be able to refrain from the revenge he so desires? Or, will he take the higher road? The one Shelby would have him travel? Hope and faith are all they have, but will it be enough?

This is the epic conclusion of A Heart of Steel, the journey of one woman's life, love, and destiny...and the power of passion, heartache, tragedy, fame, and fortune held together by a family secret so powerful and clandestine, het it will strengthen the greatest love story of modern day, a love destined to be forever...

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Friday, March 10, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Sherry Fowler Chancellor

Title: Deadly Liaisons

Released: December 11, 2016


It's 1938.
Europe is on the brink of war as the madman Adolph Hitler is amassing an army to conquer the continent. The Fuhrer is also in negotiations with Ambrose Schumacher, leader of a vampire coven, to recruit super-soldier vampires to fight for Germany. If he's successful, Europe is lost.

Declan Cavanagh, a member of a secret society of vampire hunters, is on a mission to stop this evil advance.

In his pursuit, Declan will be faced with many choices--some hard and some easy--and one even heartbreaking. But he knows he must persevere in order to try to bring some normalcy to a world caught up in chaos.

And if, along the way, he gets distracted by a number of attractive women, well, it's just part of the job...or is it?

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Friday, March 03, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Title: Max (7 Brides for 7 Brothers)

Released: November 29, 2016


Former Navy SEAL Max Brannigan is a loner with a strong protective streak and an ocean of survivor's guilt that drives him to take risks no sane man would take. When he gets the news his billionaire father died and left him a horse farm in Kentucky, he's busy protecting American military contractors in a war zone. The first moment he's able, he'll fly back to the US and dispose of the farm. What does a man like him need horses for anyway? Of all the things his father could have left him, this certainly ranks up there as the most bizarre.

Elinor Applegate lives for her horses, but life on the farm isn't easy. Once-thriving Applegate Farm has fallen on hard times in the past few years. Only an influx of cash from her mother's old friend enabled Ellie to keep the family operation going. All her hopes to turn around the business and buy back the land lie on the hooves of a colt destined to greatness.  She's just got to get him there first.

But when sexy, ruthless Max Brannigan shows up, Ellie realizes her troubles are far worse than she thought. He knows nothing about horses--and he cares less than nothing about her dreams. To Max, the horses are useless and have to go--in spite of the fact that every encounter with Ellie only makes him want to drag her into his arms and kiss the fire right out of her. But Ellie will fight hard to keep her dreams alive, even if she has to fight dirty. Max has spent most of his life protecting people from danger--but can he protect himself when Ellie launches a full-scale assault against the walls surrounding his heart?

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Friday, February 24, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Julie Johnstone

Title: Christmas in the Scots Arms (Highlander Vows: Entangled)

Released: November 28, 2016


London, 1815

Laird Liam MacLeod is not lacking for lasses that wish to marry him. As chief of one of the few remaining stable and wealthy clans in the Highlands, the scheming misses are more than plentiful--too plentiful, in fact, for a man who desires to marry for love. Given the opportunity to escape to London for the holidays, Liam takes it with a halfhearted expectation that perhaps English ladies will be different. But the calculating debutantes of the ton and their marriage-minded mamas leave him with little hope until a chance encounter brings him face-to-face with a beautiful, witty lady who knows nothing about him.

Miss Cecelia Cartwright has an unfairly tattered reputation and the distasteful yet pressing need for a marriage of convenience. She'd frankly rather eat dirt, but when one's family is on the verge of poverty, pride must fall by the wayside. But the day a handsome, honorable Scot comes to her aid, he awakens longings in Cecelia that she knows she cannot pursue.

Torn between her heart and her duty, Cecelia finds herself dancing at the very edge of impropriety that once before destroyed her good name. When her old suitor returns to Town, she must choose between the laird she loves and the duke who could save her family. Just when she thinks she knows what she ought to do, Liam reveals a secret that may well prove charming Scots are the most dangerous rogues of them all.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Brina Cary

Title: The Surgeon's Dilemma (Wards of Avalon)

Released: November 12, 2016


A devastating day...

When neurosurgeon Oliver Brooks loses a little girl on the operating table, it nearly ends his life too. All he ever wanted was to help people--especially those already struggling with day to day hardships. Desperate to make a real difference, he secretly opens a non-profit clinic and provides free healthcare to those who otherwise couldn't afford it.

What Oliver didn't realize is how much his own dismal life needed saving...

Life changing consequences...
One clinic patient, Daniella, a beautiful little girl, is fighting for her life from an unknown illness. The testing she needs is more than the clinic can provide... and much more expensive than her single mother, Synthia, can afford. But Oliver can't turn them away... and he can't get Synthia out of his mind. Her steel determination to make a home for Dani heals some old wounds from his childhood that he thought he'd gotten past.

Determined to help, Oliver offers to marry Synthia so his insurance will pay for all of Dani's tests and treatments. It might be a marriage of convenience, but for all the right reasons.

But Oliver falls in love with his new family, circumstances come into play and threatens to take everything he's worked for. Including the love and family he didn't know he needed...

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Friday, February 10, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Christy Reece

Title:  Running Wild (An LCR Elite Novel)

Released: October 25, 2016


He'll Stop At Nothing To Protect The Ones He Loves

LCR Elite operative Aidan Thorne is dedicated to rescuing kidnapped victims from some of the most dangerous places in the world, but that will never stop him from hunting down a cold-blooded killer. Child psychologist Anna Bradford is a temptation unlike any he's ever faced, penetrating the steely armor encasing his heart. Though he wants her with an unending ache, Anna's very survival requires Aidan to stay as far away from her as possible.

Understanding human behavior is Anna Bradford's profession. Aidan Thorne is a mystery she has yet to unravel. Her fascination for the snarling, often rude man is a battle she fights on a daily basis. Her head tells her to stay away, her heart tells her something different. When they join forces to help rescue a friend, Aidan finally allows Anna to see the man beneath the tough exterior. Falling in love with him was inevitable.

But someone is watching. He's been hiding in the shadows for years, waiting. The time has finally arrived. Anna Bradford will be his tool, his perfect weapon of revenge. She will be his masterpiece.

His worst fears realized, Aidan must now find a way to save Anna before the madman that destroyed his life once before lives out his ultimate fantasy.

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Friday, February 03, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Brina Cary

Title: Highland Sanctuary (The MacDaniels Book One)

Released: October 22, 2016


Navy Veteran, Amy Killigan, is on the run from her abusive ex-husband Matthew. She's been running for years, ever since she turned him into the DEA in the using his military position to be a mule for a Mexican cartel. Her anonymous tip resulted in the military dishonorably discharging him, the death of a DEA Agent, and no solid proof as to what he had done. The proof went with the DEA Agent... But she still has a secret: she knows that he is still working for the cartel and she can prove it. She knows more about their drug routes that the DEA knew. If she reveals her secret it could cost Matthew his life and cut off major routes for the cartel.

Alec just wanted to mourn the wife that had been murdered while he was hunting a drug runner for the Scotland Yard. Shutting himself off from the pain, he fled the Yard and the UK all together for a quiet vacation in America. Within hours of his arrival, he finds Amy hanging upside down from a poacher's trap. As rope comes loose and she falls on him, any chance he had at a quiet vacation was now gone.

After Amy's ex-husband tries to murder her, Alec's protective instincts take over. He does the one thing that he can do for her: he takes Amy home to Scotland, to his family--his large boisterous Scottish family, to the brothers he got in trouble with as a child, to the parents that love him more than anything, and to the memories that haunt him. After all, where is a safer place to take her than home to a Constable, a bodyguard, a newly hired Interpol Agent, and the parents that raised them?

Will Alec's love for Amy be able to save her? Or will they both be lost in the fight against Matthew's obsession?

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Friday, January 27, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Julie Johnstone

Title: Wicked Highland Wishes (Highland Vows: Entangled Hearts)

Released: October 10, 2016


Desire tempted them. Honor forbade them. Love ensnared them.

Legendary warrior Lachlan MacLeod has never encountered anything or anyone he could not conquer. But when his younger brother confesses his love for Bridgette MacLean--the only woman Lachlan has ever wanted--Lachlan turns away the beautiful Scottish lass, vowing to be no more than her friend. Yet his need for Bridgette enslaves him and may well prove to be the one thing he cannot defeat.

Fiercely independent Bridgette longs to be treated as an equal to the men. She always imagined great battles in her future, not great love. Then Lachlan saw her as no one ever had and captured her heart, awakening new cravings inside her without realizing it. But when Lachlan's younger brother suffers a grave injury while saving her life, she feels unable to deny his plea for her heart. However, it is impossible to give what belongs to another...

Torn between their own desire and their loyalties, Bridgette and Lachlan must find the courage to grasp the passion awaiting them and face the pain their choice will cause. Yet even as they confront their future and love finally seems within their grasp, a fight for the Scottish throne divides the Highland clans and Bridgette becomes a pawn in a political game that threatens to tear her and Lachlan apart forever.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #Making Magic

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Title: HOT SEAL Rescue (HOT SEAL Team)

Released: September 27, 2016


Abducted at gunpoint by a gorgeous woman...

Navy SEAL Cody "Cowboy" McCormick is in Las Vegas for a little R & R before his friend's wedding when a beautiful blonde jams a gun in his side and abducts him from a casino in broad daylight. He could stop her, but he plays along because he's intrigued--plus he's convinced she's in danger.

CIA agent Miranda Lockwood's life is on the line when an undercover operation goes wrong. Little does she know when she sashays up to the biggest, baddest looking dude in the casino lobby that she's kidnapping a Navy SEAL--or that she'll be unable to resist his charm when he turns up the heat.

When the CIA labels her a rogue agent, Miranda's faith in everything she believes in is shaken to the core. Cody's the only one she can trust to help her find the traitor in the agency. But even though she's forced to betray him, she can't get over the SEAL who made her feel safe in his arms. Miranda will have to fight harder than she's ever fought for anything if she wants his forgiveness--but Cody's not in a forgiving mood in spite of the sparks that still fly when he's forced to team up with her again.

When disaster strikes and they're caught in the line of fire, Cody will do everything in his power to keep them both alive. Because if he doesn't, he'll never get to hold Miranda close again...

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Friday, January 13, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Author: Carol Burnside

Title: His Small Town Princess (A Sweetwater Springs Novel)

Released: September 16, 2016


J. T. Baxter is having a very bad year. As if adjusting to widower status and caring for two sons, weren't enough, he has a landscaping business to keep afloat with a loan coming due. The last thing he needs is the town princess waltzing into his life with a business proposal he can't afford to refuse.

Cassandra Bing feels adrift after her father's death, a nasty broken engagement and enduring a job she loathes. She's searching for her niche, something that would've made her dad proud and will bring her fulfillment. But gardening is a hot, dirty business, and soon she's wishing she'd made a different sort of proposition to the sexy dad.

As attraction escalates between J. T. and Cass, tensions grow in a house where secrets fester. Can her presence begin to heal the Baxter household, or will their tender feelings become a casualty of the impending emotional storm?

Waring: This book contains some plant abuse, a sexy, bare-chested landscaper, sensual use of ice cubes and steamy adult situations in a greenhouse.  Readers may suddenly wish to hug motherless kids, experience a rise in pulse rate and may feel the need for a cooling fan.

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Friday, January 06, 2017

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #Making Magic

Author: Katherine Bone

Title: The Pirate's Debt (The Regent's Revenge Series Book 2)

Released: September 13, 2016


He thought he lost his honor... then she teaches him what it means to be a hero.

Lady Chloe Walsingham is an enthusiastic gothic romance reader and hopeless romantic focused solely on finding her perfect hero. She also happens to have a penchant for getting into trouble. So when the man she loves disappears after a scandalous duel, she decides to follow him to the ends of the Earth. To do so, however, Chloe must evade her brother, an infamous revenue man, and board a ship bound for Penzance. And nothing in her beloved books can prepare her for the harsh realities of wreckers who ply the coast.

After his father destroys the lives of countless innocent people, Basil Halford, Earl of Markwick is willing to do anything to earn back his honor. Betrayed by his blood and his reputation ruined, Markwick answers the request of a well-heeled duke and dons the Black Regent's mask to repay the debt. His task? Rescuing a young woman who is chasing down a ghost of a man.

But a pirate has plenty of enemies, and Markwick isn't any different. No matter how diligent a captain he may be, sailing to Lady Chloe's rescue involves risking the Regent's legacy but the last he can afford to lose... his heart.

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