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Interview With Dianna Love and Giveaway

Southern Magic is proud to introduce our special guest, Dianna Love!  

She will be at our luncheon in Hoover, Alabama November 5 with Jennifer Ashley, Hildie McQueen, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lynn Raye Harris and 20 plus authors.

What are the last few books you read?
Elizabeth Hunter’s IRIN CHRNONICLES (4 books/paranormal mystery), Hildie McQueen’s MONTANA BACHELOR (western romance), Eric Asher’s Steamborn (young adult), Russell Blake’s JET (black ops thrillers) series, Adrienne Giordano’s DEADLY ODDS (RS) and Tracey Devlyn’s LATYMER (historical romance).

What was your go-to book in childhood—the one you read over and over again?
The one book that stays in the back of my mind over the years and inspired me to write about places I've never been to like sci fi and fantasy worlds was RITE OF PASSAGE written by Alexei Panshin (original book was released in 1968, but it's been reprinted like a zillion times). I was a big Isaac Asimov fan as well.

Who influenced your writing the most? Why?
Suzanne Brockmann and Catherine Mann influenced my early romantic suspense writing the most.  As for urban fantasy - I read so much urban fantasy, young adult and sci fi that it’s hard to say which ones, but I’ve studied the style of pretty much all the major ones.

Describe where you are the most productive when you write
.In my cave. I’ve taught my body that when I sit down in my cave at home it is time to write. I can write anywhere and have produced pages in some really odd situations, but when I’m in my little writing space I tend to write for 10+ hours a day.  

Tells us a little about your current book?
I’m working on the next Belador urban fantasy titled DRAGON KING OF TREOIR, which will be out in January 2017.  It’s so hard to tell you anything about that book without giving spoilers, but the Beladors are in turmoil after a major change in leadership.  An ancient enemy rises up to push things past the boiling point and Quinn faces death if he fails to deliver the body of the woman he loved to his enemy who will use necromancy on it.  Let’s just say that Quinn is in for a few surprises and the Dragon King will be put to the test as their new leader.   Evalle, Storm and all the rest will be back as the Belador world continues to grow and expand. ROGUE BELADOR, which came out in April, had major surprises for readers too.

Show us your one favorite scene of dialogue from that book.
This is from ROGUE BELADOR, the April book.  Tzader and his rogue team are inserting into Taur Medb and planning to steal the queen’s throne-  a dragon cursed into that shape

TÅμr Medb, home of the Medb coven 

Tzader took in his team to make sure all five of them had survived the teleportation into Tŵr Medb. No welcoming committee had waited for them in this bedroom suite, thank the gods, but the distinctive smell of burned limes clung to the air in Medb Central.

Evalle asked, “How’re you doing, Tristan?”

Running his hands over his head, Tristan said, “That was hairy, but we’re here. Let’s get this done and get out.”

Tzader had hoped to hear cockiness instead of uncertainty in Tristan’s voice, but they were here now and there was nothing to do but move forward with the plan.

Adrianna stepped over to Tristan. “Can you jump to the throne room, or do you need a moment to recharge?”

“I’m good. Do your little cloaking trick.”

“Little cloaking trick?” Adrianna gave it a beat then said, “I’m not entirely sure how Witchlock will function here. Maybe I should test it on you and seal your mouth shut. It would be so much nicer if all you could do was nod yes or shake your head no.”

“Who peed in your crispy doodles this morning?”

Evalle stepped over. “Tristan, would you just do your part without acting like a jerk?”

He lifted his hands in surrender. “Fine. Wouldn’t want to upset your witch buddy.”

Evalle shook her head and gave him a wry smile. “I’m trying to preserve your family jewels. I have no doubt she can remove them with a flick of her hand, but reattaching them ... now that might actually be some trick.”

Color washed out of his face. “Not funny.”

Tzader said, “We’re not here for fun. Get moving if you want to stay alive. The sooner we’re out of here, the better chance of that happening.”

Tristan said nothing after that unless someone asked him a direct question. Once Adrianna had them cloaked, Tristan teleported them away. 

Storm had been checking out the room. “How did you keep Lanna hidden once you figured out she’d traveled here with you?”

Evalle said, “She could cloak herself, but she also kept practicing teleporting.”

“How far could she go?”

“From the bathroom on the other side of that door.” Evalle pointed. “To this room, and she kept hitting her head on the wall when she missed.”

“No wonder she gives Quinn fits,” Tzader commented.

Tristan appeared right in front of Storm. They both jumped back. Tristan said, “Stay out of my landing spots.” 

Storm countered, “Put an X on the floor next time.”

The next time Tzader needed a black-ops team, he was leaving at least one of these two behind. Right now, he needed both. He asked Tristan, “Is Adrianna working on the dragon, or do we need to take out some guards?”

“She’s on it, and the hall outside the queen’s quarters is empty. They must know when the queen is on-site or gone. Bunch up and I’ll take you there.”

The jump to the throne room was quick enough that Tzader didn’t feel his stomach do backflips. So this was the heart of Tŵr Medb, huh? Adrianna stood in front of a throne that was, by the gods, shaped from a dragon. She said, “I can’t break a curse unless you can tell me what it was.”
The dragon grumbled and the throne shuddered. Smoke curled from his nostrils.

Evalle walked over to stand next to the dragon, who stopped making noises. His big silver eyes looked Evalle up and down, then shifted over to take in the men before returning to Adrianna. He tried to make noises but his mouth was not opening for him to talk, growl, or whatever he could do. 
Storm joined Adrianna and Evalle, saying, “Can you free his jaws or tongue to somehow release his voice?” 

Adrianna thought on it several seconds. She addressed the dragon. “I can try something, but it might require breaking your jaw. I won’t do it unless you give me permission. Puff out one time for no and two for yes.”

Silver eyes thinned at that suggestion, but he puffed out twice. 

“I was afraid you’d say that,” Adrianna muttered.

What do you believe makes a man sexy?
I find confidence in a man sexy. There’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance. I have no doubt that if the world erupted in an apocalyptic war tomorrow, that my husband would know what to do and as a team we’d be able to protect ourselves and live off the land.  I was never attracted to those men who can’t screw in a light bulb much less fix something on their own.  The heroes in my stories aren’t perfect, not by a long shot, but they are confident in their abilities and will not hesitate to wade into a battle even if they’re outnumbered. A sexy man, IMO, is someone with his own code of honor who can back up whatever he says, or die trying.

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New York Times bestseller Dianna Love once dangled over a hundred feet in the air to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies. Now she focuses her energetic muse on storytelling.  The first book she wrote won a RITA® Award and sold out in six weeks.  She writes high-octane romantic thrillers and urban fantasy, with FATAL PROMISE, book 6 in the sexy, fast-paced Slye Temp romantic suspense series released June 28th, and DRAGON KING OF TREOIR, book 8 in the bestselling Belador urban fantasy series scheduled for January, 2017.  
When not in the writing cave, Dianna loves touring the country on her BMW motorcycle.  She lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her motorcycle-instructor husband and a tank full of unruly saltwater critters.  

Connect with Dianna on Facebook at Dianna Love Fan Page or sign up for the crazy fun on her Dianna Love Street Team.  Follow her Amazon Author Page for new release updates and other news about her books.  Excerpts of all her books are at

Today's giveaway is a print (if US or Canada) copy of Rogue Belador and a swag pack. If it's an international winner - ebook copy of Rogue Belador and swag pack. (For e-book gift, winner must have an Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iBooks account.)

Question: What book from your childhood do you still remember?

Leave an answer to be entered to win.  The winner will be announced this Saturday in the comment section.


Connie Thompson said...

My grandmother gave me Little House on the Prairie..paased along to my daughter and gran daughter now

Dianna Love said...

Thanks so much for featuring my new books Dragon King today (this is the first time the cover is out in the public!). :) I love your blog - such a fun place to visit. And I'm jazzed about returning to the Southern Magic Luncheon this year. Can't wait!!

Dianna Love said...

What a nice thing to pass books from one generation to the next, Connie. :)

Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Dianna, for joining in on the fun! Hugs.

Carol Bibb said...
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Carol Bibb said...

Little Women. Looking forward to meeting you in November.

Dianna Love said...

Good one, Carol!! Can't wait to meet you in November, too. If you're not at my table, please come by to introduce yourself. :)

bn100 said...

cat in the hat

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Heather said...

A Candle in Her Roomby Ruth M. Arthur - it was the first "scary" book that I read.

Mary Preston said...

I can remember reading HEIDI over and over again. I wanted to be the one tending the goats up in the alps with Grandfather. Of course in my head I looked like Shirley Temple as she played HEIDI in the movie.


Ashfa said...

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton! I still love it!

Jess1 said...

The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Beautiful Disaster said...

I remember a Bible story book and a nursery rhyme book my grandmother used to read to me 😊
They were precious memories spent with her as a young girl.

Nashra said...

Loved Little Women

Carla Swafford said...

Oops! My comment didn't stick. Congratulations, Carol Bibb, you're the winner! Please contact me at carlaswafford @ and I'll forward your info to Dianna Love!

Carol Bibb said...

Thank you!