Friday, August 26, 2016

Interview With Brina Cary and Giveaway

Southern Magic is proud to introduce Brina Cary!  

She will be at our luncheon in Hoover, Alabama November 5 with Jennifer Ashley, Hildie McQueen, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lynn Raye Harris, Dianna Love and 20 plus authors.

Who are your top five authors to read?
That's a hard decision... I guess Lee Childs, Agatha Christie, Nora Roberts, Lynn Kurland, and BJ Daniels are my top five.

What is your go-to book to read over and over again?

The Westing Game is my most favorite book because it's such a well-done mystery. Everything is tightly wound together throughout it and it ends with happiness. Mr. Westing's goal wasn't to terrorize anyone. In fact, he brought them all together and made them learn something. To me, the book is extremely teachable. To me, it's about finding your own happiness despite what else you've been through in life.

Who influenced your writing the most? Why?
Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and my nephews. As a Veteran I've seen and experienced a lot of things. When I have a bad day I will actually sit down and go "ok, let's pull a terrifying escape." I'm not brave enough to show anyone my really dark stories, but they exist. A friend read one of my darkish stories once and demanded to know who upset me, so she could warn them. My nephews keep my stories light. They help me to remember that there's happy endings. So while there's a sad or angry part in my stories, there's always going to be a happy ending. After all, you can't tell a kid a story about pirates without making the pirates based off of the kid, and have them find the treasure. It just doesn't work that way. :)

Describe where you are the most productive when you write.

Honestly, I'm the most productive at a write-in, surrounded by other writers. Everywhere else and my ADD kicks in full gear. I get more non story things done in that time than I normally do.

Tells us a little about your current book?
My current book is an Alternative Universe (AU) Romance. Basically, if you take one thing and change it (in my case it would be that the Scottish vote for freedom in 2015 succeeded) then you've created an AU.

The vote had me on the edge of my seat because I love early English history (1776 and before), which means I adore both England and Scotland. One of the most wonderful concepts I learned in college was the principle of "He might be a bad king, but he's our king." That's how some Scottish rulers were seen. That concept is what sparked the idea as to what Scotland "could" have done if the vote had succeeded last year. In All Her Men Amelia MacRory becomes Queen because of this.

Amelia is the last direct descendant of Mary Queen of Scots, whom some consider the last true Scottish ruler. Unfortunately, Amelia is a wee bit unprepared to deal with everything that comes from the Referendum. There's an assassin or two, a jerk that is just plain evil, and a few other surprises. There's a bombing that will just tear your heart out too... Amelia is extremely lucky because her father set up a group of orphan mercenaries to be her guards, her men. One has loved Amelia, from afar, since they were both children.

Show us your one favorite scene of dialogue from that book.

“Through the tunnels?” Was he serious? “Tunnels, as in underground, with rats?” His lilting laughter greeted her in response. There was no recrimination for her. His face simply reflected mirth, as if he wasn’t sure what to make of her, but found humor in her words. “No, I’m not afraid of rats.”

“Of course.” He still grinned at her.

“Whatever.” She turned away from him. Her face hot from embarrassment and shame. “A flea on a rat caused the Black Death. I just don’t like being around them.”

“Ye think we would let ye succumb to the Plague?”

“The little slimy man might.” At his questioning look she clarified, “your nasty little SNP Leader.”

His body tensed and he began looking her over from head to toe. She began looking at herself too. Amelia had been extremely careful not to drop her breakfast on her, but maybe she had missed something. Upon not finding anything she looked back at him. His words sounded gravely and dangerous to her ears as he asked, “Did he hurt ye?”

What do you believe makes a man sexy?
For me, a guy is sexy if he has an intelligent mind and a dazzling personality. A man or woman can have all the looks, money, etc in the world and be duller than a box of rocks. It's when they can make me laugh and understand my crazy geeky or nerdy references, that I adore them forever.

Here's her short bio.
Brina Cary is a world weary traveler who has been to such faraway places as Guam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jebel Ali, Bahrain, etc. through a tour in the US Navy. While growing up surrounded by poverty Brina began to dream of the different avenues her life could take. She joined the Navy out of high school to find out what she wanted in life and have a bit of an adventure. Since then that adventure has taken her down the road to martial arts, private investigations, forensic anthropology, financial analysis, arson investigation, Egyptian curses, myths and legends, etc. Brina uses all this experience in her writing to create adventures for her readers!

Brina Cary is a member of RWA and the following RWA Chapters: Southern Magic, Celtic Hearts, Kiss of Death, and FF&P. She is also a member of Sisters in Crime and their Guppies Chapter.

Look for Brina at the following places.

Today's giveaway is a Zombie Apocalypse Partners necklace from Wishing Willow Metal Arts.

Question: What is the creepiest creature you try to avoid?

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Connie Thompson said...

Spiders...dont care how big or how small..its still a spider

Connie Thompson said...

Spiders...dont care how big or how small..its still a spider

bn100 said...


bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Brina Cary said...

Grand Daddy Long Legs are great to keep away other bug, but I'm no friend to black widows or brown recluses. Did you know hair spray is great for that?

Brina Cary said...

They lost a snake at a zoo recently!

Mary Preston said...

Maggots; I'm having trouble just typing the word.


Shawn Sumrall said...

Big Ass Flying Alabama Cockroaches - Hard to kill and impossible to keep out!

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miki said...

spiders without hesitation i'm screaming like a banshee as soon as i see one inside ( outside it 's different)

Aidee Ladnier said...

Jellyfish. They're moist and squishy. Ick.

Brina Cary said...

Yeah! How did Alabama get flying cockroaches? That' just crazy to me!

Aidee, I actually have a scar from a jellyfish. It's no where near my scar from the alligator though. :)

Carla Swafford said...

You're the winner, Shawn Sumrall. Please email me ( and I'll forward on to Brina.

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