Monday, June 27, 2016

Hero Types

I think we're all familiar with the standard hero types such as the alpha and the beta so I won't bother to bore you with a lot of talk about their characteristics. Alphas are great and much loved by readers for many years. How many of you remember the mega-alpha men of Kathleen Woodiwiss' books? I remember sighing over them as a teen even though had I really known a man like that in real life, I'd probably have gotten into many an argument at his take charge attitude.

The rise of the beta hero, I believe came about as more women moved into the work force and became self sufficient financially. We did still have dreams of being taken care of but maybe in a less autocratic way.

The modern reader gets her choice of the kind of hero she would like. From cowboys to bad boys on motorcycles, to sensitive, tattooed musicians and even same sex heroes.  Aren't we lucky that we can read pretty much any kind of hero we like? I, for one, love this new world of anything goes and the authors that bring us these new and unique stories.

The woman as hero is always a great story, as well.  The urban fantasy world has opened this up like in no other time I can recall. I'm digging those stories.

There's also the latest trend, in books and television shows, of the antihero hero. I'm still on the fence about this development. I mean, Dexter was a serial killer, right? And we're supposed to root for him? This is a new mind set for the old dinosaur in me. What do you think? Who is your favorite antihero?

We're in a wonderful age for readers. Lots of new developments in the world of writing and writers and more choices than ever. There's something for everyone out there to enjoy. How exciting a time to live in. The age of the never-ending TBR stack!

What's your favorite hero type? What is your go-to book type that's a no-brainer because you know you'll love the hero?


Ali Hubbard said...

Ok. So I loved Tony Soprano as an anti hero (I also can't stand him. Lol). I also root for Loki on occasion. But I'm like you...just not so sure! They can't be tooooo bad or I'm out.

I'm a sucker for dukes and Highland warriors! It all depends on my mood as far as alpha or beta hero.

Lately sci fi romance is my go to...I'm loving the whole "shortage of women on alien planet leads to serious adoration of Earth women."

Jillian said...

Lol on Tony. I liked/hated him too. And yep, they can't be too bad or I'm out. Love the idea of the shortage of earth women. 😀 And I'm a big fan of Scottish! Thanks for commenting, Ali.

Suzanne Johnson said...

Fun post! I still adore the grouchy, obnoxious alpha male who eventually gets put in his place by the heroine (or "tamed"), although in real life he'd better get out before the door slams him in his assets. LOL.

Antiheroes are a mixed bag--I'm not sure I could write one. It would take some real finesse to pull off a Tony Soprano.

Jillian said...

thanks Suzanne! AND I am with you on taming the alpha. I am quite sure I could not write an anti-hero. My innate sense of justice gets in the way of me even watching certain tv shows. LOL

Brina Cary said...

Lol! I rooted for Dexter... :)

I'm a wee bit odd, but I'm thinking that a hero should encompass two parts. A man that's been broken, but can get his crap together to do what needs to be done. He should be a man that can protect a woman, but not one that she relies on as if she's weak. My ideal heroine should be able to do an excellent throat punch to a jerk. The hero should be her rock, just as she's his. :)

Jillian said...

Great comment, Brina - I, too, love a strong heroine!