Friday, June 10, 2016

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Author:  Katherine Kobey

Title: A Heart of Steel, Part Two

Genre: Women's Fiction - Romance

Heat Level: One Flame: Sweet with no consummated love scenes or completely off screen

Released: May 6, 2016


A love that was destined to be for a lifetime...

On a day of mourning in May of 1980, Shelby Porter returns to the Langdale Cemetery in her hometown of Valley, Alabama, after the tragic loss of a small child who has been laid to rest. Her heart is torn as she dashes away. She only wanted to reach out and comfort the man she once loved, Jack Emerson.

Later that afternoon, Shelby makes her way to the place she has always found peaceful and carefree. The Kissing Bridge.  There, Jack spots her sitting alone on the sandbags.  However, their reunion is not exactly what she had expected.

It had been six long years since their last meeting.  Shelby tries desperately to tamp down her feelings for Jack, but her desires come rushing back.

No, no, no... I can't do this...

In the heat of the moment, she will foolishly risk it all.

When the unthinkable happens, Shelby is forced down a path of torment at the hands of another. She is fragile and ready to give up on life until a voice keeps telling her to hand on.  She struggles daily with the difficult choices she has made wth the threats in the past. Along the way, sh will discover another true love of her life: her daughter, Casey, whom she has vowed to protect at all cost even if it means that her own life is in danger.

Follow the journey of a mother and daughter's search for a safe haven, peace, and happiness.  An adventure that will strengthen their love as they stumble upon the answers together.

True love is rare.

Fate and destiny is even rarer...

A Heart of Steel is an epic journey of one woman's life, loves, and destiny... and the power of passion, heartache, tragedy, fame, and fortune held together by a family secret.

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