Monday, May 02, 2016

A Look Under the Hood at CreateSpace

A few authors interested in self-publishing have asked me about CreateSpace, the Print-On-Demand (POD) company owned by Amazon. This is how many indie authors, including myself, get our books in print. They aren't the only game in town, but they're easy to navigate and free (unless you use their services).

Here's a look at the main page where you can log in or sign up for a free account.


Once logged in, you land on your Dashboard where you can see all of your titles. You can also see messages and alerts, but these are emailed to me so I don't miss anything. Examples of these messages are when proofs have been ordered or files approved.
You can click on any of your titles to make changes/edits or add a new title by clicking the blue button that says "Add New Title". These choices take you to the Project Homepage.

Once on the Project Homepage, you can click where you need to go for an existing book, or follow the prompts for a new title.

Take a look at the Icon Legend.
Since this book is available, you can see the little green check marks by each step in the process. The little red circle is there because my print books are formatted differently than my ebooks, so I upload to Kindle separately.


Under Setup, you can enter title information, ISBN (your own or their free one), select your book size and page color, upload your interior file, review the file, create or upload your cover, and submit files for review.


While Amazon reviews your files, the icon by File Review will be "in process". If there's a problem, it'll have the yellow "action required" symbol. They'll email you with details about what's needed. Under the Review section, you can either order print proofs, or use the digital viewer. I always order print proofs of my first file. After I make minor changes/corrections and re-upload my edited file, I use the digital proofer. It shows your book from the front cover to the back and every page in between.


Under Distribute is where you select distribution channels, such as Amazon US, Amazon Europe, CreateSpace store, bookstores, libraries, etc. This is also where you set your price, choose your cover finish (matte or glossy), enter your book description, and publish to Kindle if you wish. 

Boom! You've got yourself a print book ready for the world.

This is a very quick overview intended to remove some of the anxiety around getting your books into print. The support staff at CreateSpace has always been extremely helpful any time I've had questions or concerns. The process is straightforward and efficient. I'm happy to try to answer any questions.

Happy uploading and happy week!


Philisha Stephens said...

This is awesome, Meda! Thanks so much for the great info.

Alicia Coleman said...

Thanks, Meda! You've answered so many of my questions.

Meda White said...

Cool, y'all. I'm glad it's helpful. Cheers!