Monday, March 14, 2016

Kiss Me I'm Irish #SaintPattysDay @SouthernMagicRW

I have loved this saying since I was a little girl. I attended a family reunion for the descendants of Daniel Phillips, and I got the button pictured here. Daniel was Irish born and bred but was attending school in France when he joined General Lafayette’s army and came to America during the Revolutionary War.

As a girl, I didn’t find his story nearly as fascinating as I did this button. I knew it had something to do with the luck of the Irish, so I wanted to wear it and get a kiss from Bo Duke.  Lucky indeed. I had planned to marry him when I grew up.

It wasn’t until I was grown that I discovered the history behind the phrase “Kiss me I’m Irish”. Kissing someone who’s Irish is supposed to bring good luck. It’s the next best thing to kissing the famous Blarney Stone in Ireland.

The legend of the stone says that kissing it will give you the power of persuasive speech. Who couldn’t use this superpower at times?

Since I don’t possess this gift, I don’t see how it could rub off on anyone who kissed me. You might just be out of luck.

I may or may not still be holding out to meet John Schneider in person. Shhh. Don’t tell Hubaa-luv.

Instead of a kiss, I’ll leave you with an Irish Blessing.

What’s your favorite part of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?
Have you ever pretended to be Irish to get a kiss on St. Patty's Day?

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Ali Hubbard said...

I love your button! I never wore a button to get a kiss, BUT I will admit to intentionally avoiding green to garner a little pinch. Heehee.

I always love looking at Chicago pictures and how they color the waterways green. But, the general friendliness of the holiday is what I love.