Friday, March 25, 2016

#FridayFeatures Celebrating Southern Magic Authors #Romance #MakingMagic

Today is Retro Friday. We're showcasing past releases of some of our historical authors.

Author: Katherine Bone

Title: My Lady Rogue

Series: A Nelson's Tea Novella

Genre: Historical Romance


Baroness Gillian Chauncey thought she'd seen
everything during her years of devotion to England. But as war escalates and political bonds are severed, a 
devastating betrayal forces Gillian to make a life or death decision to save the man she loves.  Lord Simon Danbury's loyalty to the crown has never been questioned--until now. As death's darkening veil cascades over London, a hostile mole inside Nelson's Tea tries to assassinate him. Surrounded by the greatest spies in England, only one thing stands to defeat him--losing the one woman who has made life worth living.

Everything Simon and Gillian have done has led to this moment... Will it be too late?

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Author: Julie Johnston

Title: Conspiring with a Rogue

Series: A Whisper of Scandal Novel

Genre: Historical Romance

In order to save the man she loves from the enemy bent on destroying her, Lady Whitney Ruthrford sheds her identity and escapes her past, making a new life for herself as Mr. Roger Wentworth, missingn person locator extraordinaire. But when Whitney's best friend from her old life comes up missing and there is every indication the girl was taken by the debauched members of a secret club, Whitney dons anew disguise and infiltrates the club, determined to unravel the mystery and save her friend. She never expects to encounter Drake Sutherland--the man who still has her heart. In the dark world of pleasure and sin, Whitney must play a dangerous game and one wrong move could mean the death of her friend or the destruction of the man she loves.

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Author: Debra Glass

Title: A Duke to Die For

Genre: Historical Romance

Series: Stand Alone

She knew she was playing with fire...and was eager to burn.

Desperate and on the run from an arranged marriage, Erika von Ecker disguises herself as a cadet and joins the Prussian Army.  At the very least, she hopes the scandal will condemn her in the eyes of the nobility.  The last thing she expects is sharing very close quarters with a man forbidded to her the devastatingly handsome heir to a vast duchy, Alaric Martens von Breidenbach.

All his life, Alaric has been groomed to take his place and title as Duke von Breidenbach.  But first he must serve as a soldier for his king. He's shocked when he realizes the coltish lad assigned to billet with him is, in fact, an alluring woman.  Revealing her identity could bring dire consequences for them both.  But, as war looms, keeping the intrepid beauty's secret threatens everything Alaric hold dear, including his heart.  He must do anything in his power to get Erika out of harm's way--even if it means making her more than his mistress...

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