Monday, February 01, 2016

The do's and don'ts of "I do!"

Just as style guides differ in the correct way to write the plural of "do" and "don't," wedding guests are divided into people who DO enjoy a little humor during the ceremony and those who DON'T. And are perhaps further divided when that humor is intentional versus accidental. There's a broad range of what people find funny at weddings and receptions.

I love the candid moments that make a wedding day unique and memorable. I admit to preferring the unplanned and harmless humorous moments the best. I don't want anyone's day ruined. In fact, I can hardly stand watching the wedding scenes of America's Funniest Home Videos. Give the girl $10K or stop traumatizing her already!

A flower girl running down the aisle, merrily pulling every artfully placed floral arrangement off each church pew as she rushes to the front. Um, no, I don't find that one so funny.

But, I LOVE the little girls who clearly didn't realize what being a flower girl meant (how could they?) and have now decidedly changed their minds. Right. Now. Andwanttositwithgrandma.

Very sweet. You can always count on the unpredictability of children.

Pets can bring some funny moments to the big day. Your lap is your lap. They don't care it's covered in imported silk. They may learn silk tastes DELICIOUS. And hey! Now they've got your attention. Win-win, right?

Let's not even start with horses and grand entrances.

There have been cake incidents. Sometimes with the cake itself - maybe it's a late arrival or a leaning tower or a switcharoo groom's cake that the bride didn't pre-approve (LOVE those).

Or maybe it's the moment the bride and groom dole out a petite bite for each other. "What? We weren't supposed to smash it into each other's faces? Oops! Hope your makeup and hair are look better natural anyway. What? Not the right thing to say?"

Punch. Spiking. Don't.

Groomsmen are known for their IMpractical jokes. Really gentlemen, the bride has enough to worry about. Tone it down a bit.

Lighting candles and assembling crosses. Yes, someone came up with the idea to ASSEMBLE A CROSS during the wedding. I've seen it a few times and I love the thought of that cross gracing the couple's wall or mantle. But, I'm not good at assembling things! Much less when stressed!

Outdoor weddings. Weather in general. Traveling. Football season.

How I hold my breath and look around when they ask if anyone objects. It's the writer in me. I can't help it. I always think someone is about to raise their hand or jump up to denounce the union.

And wedding pictures have evolved into personalized vignettes...a T Rex chasing the wedding party (LOVE!) to bridesmaids showing buttocks (appreciate the irreverence, but I'm undecided on it).

The dance floor is a memory waiting to happen. Hopefully a memory which doesn't involve a visit to the emergency room.

The toasts. Enough said.

Things the bride and groom forget to say or do. Things they say or do but shouldn't. Things happening between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Parents. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties.

My own engagement lasted 2 days, which could be considered funny in itself. Especially if you saw me try to find a ring and a dress....

My dear husband proposed on a Monday and on Wednesday we married. He took me quite seriously when I said, "I wish we could just get married on this cruise and not have to do the whole wedding thing." We married on a beach and it was just us and a clergyman in a private moment of devotion. I got what I wanted, just as any bride should on her big day. I just happened to want a not-so-big day.

Of course, despite the casual nature of our wedding, we still had a few mildly humorous the fact that our taxi driver was also our witness and photographer. And a good sport!

Do any funny moments come to mind from weddings you've attended? How about your own? Say goodbye to any remnant of St. Nick in favor of St. Valentine by sharing a good wedding story laugh!


Nancee Cain said...

My hubby was so nervous he said "I do" before the priest asked anything. The priest chuckled and said, "Not yet, son. Give me a minute."

Ali Hubbard said...

I'm laughing so hard!!!! That's great. He wanted to make it clear right up front!

Carla Swafford said...

I was at one where they lit candles and decorations caught fire. They put it out quickly

Not exactly anything happened worth mentioning, but at mine, my hubby had asked, "Please don't make me kneel at the altar." Well, I wanted us to kneel. So we did. A couple years later, I mentioned it, and he argued that we didn't. I pulled out the pictures and proved it. HA! That was how nervous he was. Probably grateful he could rest his shaking knees. I wasn't nervous. I waved at different people while I walked down the aisle. Yep. Love the positive attention.

I love seeing the song and dance routines they do at receptions nowadays.

Meda White said...

I know a guy who caused a little fun/trauma (depends on who you ask) at his sister's wedding. As a groomsman for his sister's special day, he wore a baby blue do-rag to match his powder blue tuxedo. He stashed his open can of Bud in the jacket pocket and it spilled. He may or may not have been under the influence of "other" substances. It was an outdoor wedding and the neighbor's heavy metal band was practicing during the ceremony. Did I mention the guy digs metal? I can just see him now, playing air guitar, beer pouring from his coat pocket.

Ali Hubbard said...

Hahaha. So many things come to mind about making him kneel. And I love his selective memory. I have no doubt you were loving that day and enjoying every second of it, my super awesome extrovert friend!

Ali Hubbard said...

You hit on a key point - sometimes the humor is relative! Lol. What's an outdoor wedding without a metal band and open alcohol containers? ;-) Reminds me of a picture of a couple getting married on this beautiful beach. And a dude in a speedo just laid out his towel/chair n front of everything. It looked like he had developed a routine since retiring from work 30 years earlier!

Jillian said...

fun post! I've been to one where the ringbearer sat down and took off his socks and shoes and I've been to one where the groom fainted- luckily, they were kneeling at the time. LOL

Ali Hubbard said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jillian! Well, he was tired of wearing those fancy shoes! Lol. I love the groom fainting from a kneel. Great moment.