Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Traditions by Bambi Lynn

It’s been nearly 2000 years since Julius Caesar introduced Leap Year. At the time, each month had either 30 or 31 days except August, which had only 29. Easy enough to add an extra day every four years. Not to be out done by his predecessor, when Caesar Augustus took over the empire, he added two days to his namesake month. February lost out to this battle of the Caesars.

Many Leap Year traditions have developed in the last two millennia, none more widely practiced than that of women proposing marriage. Irish legend tells us that St. Brigid made a deal with St. Patrick that would allow women to propose to men, a way to balance the roles between men and women the way Leap Day balances the calendar.

If a man refused the marriage proposal there would be hell to pay, or least a stiff monetary penalty. This spawned another tradition. Any man who makes such a refusal must purchase the offended woman twelve pairs of gloves, so that she may hide her bare ring finger and thus her embarrassment at not having an engagement ring.

Yeah, right.

So are you thinking of proposing to your man today? Here are some tips from on how to do it right.

Most likely, your honey would prefer a more private setting for your proposal. He might feel uncomfortable that you’re bucking the trend and may not want to share the moment with a crowd. Besides, something intimate would be so much more romantic.

Keep your proposal fun, light-hearted, and flirtatious. Taylor towards what he likes, not what you like. If you create the proposal you’ve always wanted, you could feel resentful afterward that you had to do it all. Make it all about him!

What if he says ‘no’? Don’t panic. Ask him calmly for his reasons. Maybe you can work together to set a date to become engaged.

But of course this would never happen in a romance novel. Happily Ever After is understood from Page One! I’d love to share some of my favorite Happily Ever Afters with you. Please visit my website to learn more about me and the romantic stories I write. Do you love free books? Sign up for my newsletter to receive a copy of the Bambi Lynn Starter Library.

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Meda White said...

I love the women proposing on Leap Day tradition. I laughed about the gloves. We've gotta cover our naked fingers. LOL Great post. Thanks.

Ali Hubbard said...

I'm the worst history major ever. Haha. Love this post. Maybe we should do a lot of things the unconventional way during leap years!