Friday, October 09, 2015

Tropes Be Dope

In the most recent RWA eNotes, they shared survey results from the 2014 Romance Book Buyer Report by Nielsen and RWA on Popular Romance Tropes by Reader Group.

Respondents who considered themselves “heavy” readers said their favorite romance tropes are:

Friends to Lovers

Soul Mate/Fate

Secret Romance

Second Chance Romance

I feel like all of my books have Soul Mate/Fate tropes because my h/h are brought together at the right time in the right place for sparks to fly.

I’m a big fan of Friends to Lovers and have written a few of these.

I do love a good Second Chance Romance too. Mostly, I think this is meant for the same h/h who get a do-over with each other. But I think it can apply to a couple who think they’ve missed their shot at love, for example a failed marriage, or who’ve lost a spouse and thought their HEA was over. Then boom, they get a second chance with someone new.

As far as Secret Romance, I think I like this one for secondary characters.

What are your favorite romance tropes? Which ones do you not care for?

I’m curious if the above survey results will be validated in the responses. #sharethelove


Susan said...

I love "friends to lovers," too! The one I can't get into is the "secret baby" story. I know a lot of people like it, but it just isn't for me!

Louisa Cornell said...

Hmm. I am going to assume this survey covered mostly readers of contemporary romance or romances set in relatively modern settings. Historical romances cover some very different tropes.

I prefer marriage of convenience or beauty and the beast type stories. There are soul mate stories in some historical romances. Friends to lovers is a bit harder as men and women were not encouraged to be friends in many historical settings. Too many times men and women being friends led to those forced marriage scenarios.