Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NaNo, Without a Net (and, oh yeah, a $50 giveaway)

On Sunday, the annual rite of optimistic and possibly insane authors (is “insane authors” an oxymoron?) begins: National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo or simply NaNo.

I have done NaNo once before, in 2010. I wrote 55,000 words of nonsensical drivel called STOCKHOLM in one month, then spent the next eleven months fixing what would eventually be published as REDEMPTION, the first in my Penton Legacy series. It was because of that experience that I came up with my plotting system.

So it isn’t without some awareness of irony that I decided to do NaNo again this year:
            * Ironic because I’m teaching my plotting workshop online this month, which hasn’t left me time to plot my own novel.
            * Ironic because, like last time with NaNo, I—the great plotter of the universe—have nothing more to start with than a title and a very general idea of how it might end. Maybe. Unless I kill off that character. 
            * Ironic because it’s another Penton book I’m tackling during NaNo—this time, #5.

Here’s what I know: I started a war at the end of the last book (I think—I need to reread it in the next day or two, somehow). The hero will be Nik. He needs a heroine but I have no idea who that might be. Poor Krys has been in a coma for over a year since the last book, so I really need to wake the woman up. And it’s probably going to be called ILLUMINATION and be the last book in the series.

Maybe. Who knows.

Should you wish to join in the misery—er, I mean merriment—I’ve started a Facebook group and you’re welcome to join. I will take it private on November 1, but until then, come on and join us. You can write with us...or just laugh at it. We’re insane authors; we’ll probably laugh with you. You can find us here:

In the meantime, I have a new release, PIRATESHIP DOWN, coming out on Monday, and anyone who preorders can enter a $50 giftcard giveaway. You can find the link to purchase and enter the giveaway here (digital $2.99; print $9.99). It has an undead pirate and a Cajun merman and an orange Terrebonne Parish Prison jumpsuit. 

I even plotted the story.


Susan said...

So excited for this! I just pre-ordered!

Suzanne Johnson said...

Thanks, Susan--hope you enjoy it!

EJ Russell said...

I have faith in you, Suzanne. You'll get that plot cranked out Saturday afternoon with time for a pneumonia-chasing hot toddy afterwards!

Jillian said...

You'll kick NaNo's rear. I know it. Can't wait to get going. I, too have no idea what will happen with mine. LOL. AND Can't wait for the book!!!!

Suzanne Johnson said...

@EJ: I wish my faith was as great as yours, Ellen! We'll see how it looks Saturday evening....after my nap :-)

@Jillian: I'm anxious to get going too. Just got to figure out how to get there! AND I hope you enjoy PIRATESHIP DOWN. Jean Lafitte learns some interesting new vocabulary words in jail. :-)