Thursday, October 22, 2015

Indie VS Traditional Publishing

As the White Rabbit said, “I’m late! I’m late!”  Over the past few months, several family medical crises turned my quiet little writing life into utter chaos. Thanks for your patience and your continued support. Things are settling down now, and I’m back in a routine…more or less.
I’m also very happy to announce that my latest Southern Cousins Mystery, Elvis and the Rock-A-Hula Baby Capers, is finally available both as an ebook and in print.
My oldest granddaughter, Cecilia Griffith, who is a junior at SMU in Dallas, does the adorable covers! She’s quite a writer, as well. I like to think I had a hand in that.
I’ve chosen to Indie publish the last four Southern Cousins Mysteries, and have been very pleased with that decision.  It’s great to have total control of every aspect of the book, from cover to editing to marketing to pub date.
There is much less pressure with Indie publishing, and that’s a plus for me. After thirty years of meeting strict deadlines and being told that “we” would have to work through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, it’s a treat to take holidays off without feeling guilty, stressed and woefully behind schedule.
Still, I also write for traditional publishers – literary fiction under the pen name, Elaine Hussey. The plus side of being both an Indie and a traditional author is that I continue to maintain strong ties with some really excellent editors, as well as wonderful booksellers across the country. And it’s always great to sit down in a book-and-mortar bookstore and have a chance to visit with fans.
After a very long and satisfying writing career, the one thing I know for certain about this business is that change always comes. Without a husband and with children living in far-away states, I have to make sound decisions about my career…about everything, really! I am confident that being in both Indie and traditional publishing gives me a wider audience and the flexibility I need to continue enjoying the luxury of making a living with my pen.
Here are the links for Elvis and the Rock-A-Hula Baby Capers.

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Peggy Webb is the USA Today Bestselling author of more than 75 books. She’s still sane. More or less.

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Suzanne Johnson said...

Great post, Peggy! I've only been trad published so far but am about to stick my toe into the indie waters, so I found your take on hybrid publishing encouraging! Congrats on all you've accomplished!