Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Deadlines and Procrastination

So I'm running into deadlines all over my life at the moment. Which means my procrastination levels are unusually high. Therefore...

--instead of writing the holiday story I promised my editor,
--instead of doing my laundry,
--instead of writing the blog post for the Romance Magicians blog,
--instead of creating cute octopus lollipops for the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon, and
--instead of finishing the day job project that has to be done BEFORE I get on the plane to Baltmore..

I'm watching videos on YouTube.

About procrastination.

Here's hoping your week is stress-free with moments of beauty and art in which all you get are compliments about your children, your writing genius, and how intelligent you are, with the occasional comment about how beautiful you are in and out.

And if you get a moment cross your fingers for me that I get a little of that, too.

See you when I return!


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