Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Newbie Tips for the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon

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So, I haven't been to that many Southern Magic Readers Luncheons. I've only been in the group for a few years. But...I do know some of the fun things that happen there and can alert you to what you should watch out for:
  1. Goodie bags. When you register, someone will hand you a bag with FREE books in it. And lots of other cool things. I know because I rack my brain all year long to come up with something cool to contribute to those bags--this year I'm putting in octopus bookmarks and goofy octopus lollipops in honor of my book that came out this summer, The Klockwerk Kraken (which has a tentacled hero)!
  2. An  Amazing Welcome Speaker. This year our own Lexi George will address the luncheon attendees. In the past it has been so rewarding to see a local author regale us with stories about writing, life, and what it means to be a Southern romance writer.
  3. Raffle baskets. Okay, this one I know by heart. Every year, Southern Magic raffles off baskets of books and cool stuff put together by the members of the group. This is where you pay for a ticket, put your ticket in for a chance to win one of the baskets, and then if you win, collect looooots of books and some amazing stuff. Since my book, The Klockwerk Kraken came out this year, I've got a tentacle basket all planned full of books about octopuses, romance, and a teensy bit of science fiction. (The picture is an exclusive sneak peek! You'll have to attend to see what's really inside.) And if you buy a ticket from a ditzy blond and her math whiz husband, that's me! My husband Curt and I are selling raffle tickets. The money goes to a really good cause. It helps Southern Magic continue to host educational programs for writers and hold reader events like the luncheon every year.
    Overflowing with tentacle goodness!

  4. Author tables. One of the best things about the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon is that you get to sit at a table with your favorite author. Each author prepares the table especially for their fans and will usually give you a copy of their latest book and other collectibles only available to true fans. You get to meet them face-to-face, chat about their books, maybe even get a scoop on the new one that's coming out next year...
  5. Special Guest Speaker. Southern Magic holds a record for choosing the hottest and most engaging speakers for their luncheon every year. This year, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Darynda Jones joins us. Hopefully she'll talk about her hot, hot, hot heroes!
  6. Southern Magic shorts. One of my favorite parts of the luncheon is the interstitial films that the members shoot to entertain luncheon guests while setting up for the next part of the event. There have been goofy music videos, slideshows of hunky heros, and even hilarious interviews with famous authors. I can't wait to see what's cooking for this year's luncheon.
    Come see bestselling author Darynda Jones!

  7. Author baskets. Buying your ticket to the luncheon enters you automatically in a drawing for an author basket. These baskets are prepared by the authors themselves and contain copies of their books!  And Southern Magic members looooove to make these author baskets memorable. I've seen entire trunks full of goodies go home from the author basket drawing.
  8. And the rest. Okay, there is also yummy food. It is a luncheon, after all.
So are you attending? Ready to buy your raffle ticket? You need to make sure you're registered at - ticket prices go up on September 1st, so you need to hurry!

I hope to see you there!


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Carla Swafford said...

I think I know of a way to out-do Naima without spending thousand of dollars or short of auctioning off my good-looking son-in-law. LOL! (I don't have a mother who's willing to do all that sewing. She's amazing.) We'll see. Great post!

donnas said...

Great post. Looking forward to attending.

Cass Raynaud (orchidée) said...

I would love to come but France is a bit far :) Great post !

Mary Preston said...

It all sounds like so much fun. I wish!!!!

tewanda said...

I look forward to attending every year

Aidee Ladnier said...

Congrats Mary, you won the gift card. Email me at aideelad at gmail dot com and I'll send it to you!

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