Thursday, August 27, 2015

My First Southern Magic Readers Luncheon

My first Southern Magic Readers Luncheon was my favorite. It was 2012, and I went starry-eyed and full of excitement. I couldn't believe such an event was practically in my backyard, and I would be having lunch with writers. People who know me know that I’m a huge fan girl. Writers have always been my rock stars. I collect signed books like some kids collects comic books or baseball cards. I love them. I’ve been to countless signings and have been so awestruck I didn’t say a word. Not one word. I just stuck my book out with the sticky note on it with my name spelled out. Of course, on the way home, I would kick myself for not at least saying "hi" and telling them how much I love their books.

I arrived full of nervous trepidation. When I talk about books to non-readers, their eyes glaze over, and they usually smile and nod politely before making an excuse to get away. Why? Because I talk about my favorite characters as if they are real people. I was determined to not be a stuttering fool. But what could I possibly say to writers... people who are eloquent wordsmiths? Nervous, I sat down at a table hosted by Susan Carlisle and Bambi Lynn, both were gracious and  generous with chocolate, goodies and their time. To this day, they are two of my favorite people. We laughed, we shared our love of romances and jotted down suggestions for new books. And in the process I realized writers are readers, too. There was no need to be nervous. And the lunch table provides an intimate, small enough setting that you get to know your fellow readers and the authors.

But the luncheon isn't just visiting with like-minded folks. You get stuff. Lots of stuff. Books and swag (Did I mention chocolate?) The door prizes and raffle baskets offered are amazing! Come with an empty backseat, you never know how many you'll win or how big the prizes will be! Not to mention you can purchase more books and get them signed by your favorite authors.

This year, I'm super excited to be attending as an author. My first book, Saving Evangeline was published in May. *Cue the song, “Circle of Life.”* I'm hostessing a table and can’t wait to talk about books with people who “get me.” I promise to provide chocolate.

This year's luncheon will be November 7, 2015 in Birmingham, Alabama and the keynote speaker will be NYT and USA Today bestselling author Darynda Jones. (did you hear that fan girl squeal, that was me!)  You can purchase tickets here. But hurry, ticket prices will increase September 1st!

Comment below and leave your email address and preferred e-book format for a chance to win an e-book of Saving Evangeline. Winner will be announced 8/31/15.
 She’s hell bent on ending her life; he’s heaven sent to save her. But, there’s a catch. God’s rogue angel must complete the task disguised as a priest. A forbidden passion ignites, love unfolds and meddlesome angels from above attempt to intervene. Will Remiel’s love save Evangeline or cause them both to be lost forever?


donnas said...

Congrats on the release!!

Looking forward to this years luncheon.

Nancee Cain said...

Thank you, me too!

Jeena said...

Sounds like an amazing time. My emails format is Nook.

Nancee Cain said...

Congrats Jeena! You're the winner (by random draw) of the e-book of Saving Evangeline!

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