Saturday, August 29, 2015

Best Reader’s Luncheon Evah… #MagicLunch #getyourticketbeforepricegoesup

One of my favorite reader’s luncheons was the very first one I ever attended. It was the 2012 Southern Magic Readers Luncheon featuring Sherrilyn Kenyon with welcome speaker Dianna Love.  They were very nice and encouraging to a newbie writer like me. I also met and made a lifelong friend in author Mina Khan. She writes about djinns and dragons and that’s supercool in my book. Well…it’s in her book, but you get my meaning.
In 2013, Jeaniene Frost spoke, giving me even more encouragement to keep pursuing my dreams of being a published romance author. Her extremely talented audiobook narrator, Tavia Gilbert, did several readings and blew us away when some of thought Bones was actually in the room. Author Christy Reece’s welcome speech depicting the roller coaster ride that is an author’s life was hilarious and heartfelt. I won several goody baskets and made another friend for life with the fabulously funny Jamie Farrell.
Then, in 2014, possibly my most favorite luncheon evah, I attended as a hosting author for the very first time. In her welcome speech, Naima Simone fangirled over Sylvia Day just a little (but not in a creepy way) and had us all in stitches. When Sylvia Day spoke, she reminded us that we were all readers first and still. I met and made connections with readers at my author table. I think mostly they sat with me because Angela Blount and I scored a primo location next to Naima & Sylvia. But it doesn’t matter why they sat down there, just that they did.  And I got to be the hostest with the mostest, bestest readers. (Spell check keeps trying to change mostest to moistest. Raise your hand if you’ve ever read this word in a romance novel.)

I can’t pick a favorite reader’s luncheon because all of them have been fun and fabulous in their own special way. Southern Magic does a wonderful job and members put in a lot of work to make our luncheons memorable for all who attend.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket today for the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon on November 7, 2015 before the price increases on September 1st. You don’t want to miss Lexi George and Darynda Jones. I’m betting on something like a standup comedy routine that’ll have us wishing we’d worn our Poise pads.
If you purchase your ticket before September 1st, leave a comment with your email address and I’ll throw your name in a hat and draw for a $10 gift card.


Anonymous said...

I purchased more mine when they first went on sale!

donnas said...

Got mine, last year was my first one and I am looking forward to it again.

Meda White said...

Yay! Y'all are on the ball. I'm putting your names in the hat.