Monday, June 29, 2015

Same Song, Second Verse

Back on August 27, 2013, I wrote the following post on my blog.

TBR should be TFB.

That is Tragically Forgotten Books.  I’ve wondered how many To Be Read piles out there have my books waiting for the owner to pick up and read.
For myself, I have over thirty . . . I think. Truthfully, I haven’t counted them, and I would probably be horrified by the number. A few months ago, I went through my pile and pulled every book that didn’t set me on fire to read it. Then I dropped them off at my day job, and let everyone pick out the books they wanted to place in their TBR pile.
Otherwise, I would be staring at the books and feeling guilty. I know the authors are hoping by giving away their books that they would get a new fan or two. If I let the books sit and not read them or give them away, I’m preventing that author from becoming successful. I know. No guarantee, but it’s a given it won’t happen at all if I don’t do something.
This year, I’m determined to read a TBR book between each one I purchase. So I’ve gone through five or so. That’s not many for the year to be almost over, but whenever I’m at home with extra time, I write. Reading is what I do when I’m burned out from writing and need a change.
The moral to this story is, if you have a large TBR pile, and some are more than a year old, it’s time to pass them on. Those authors will appreciate it.
Present day
Of course, the one area we all have extra books is our e-reader. It's so simple to push that button. So easy and so tempting. But the same problem. If you don't read that book and possibly type a review somewhere or tell your friends about the wonderful book, you're betraying the promise you made to the author when you purchased the book or downloaded it free. So make a deal with yourself. Read a book you already have each time you download or receive/buy another.
So do you pledge to get rid or improve your To Be Read Pile? Don't let it be a Totally Forgotten Book Pile.
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Jillian said...

great idea. I already give books away once I read them (most of them anyway) but this is a better way to do it since some will never be read by me. I have a stack that are like yours. Not dying to read but need to be shared.

Aidee Ladnier said...

I have so many...the stack has only grown as I've started reading on my phone. My physical books are only pulled out when I'm flying on a plane and don't want to argue with the steward over whether my phone is in airplane mode. That said, I do the Goodreads challenge every year to ensure that I read at minimum 25 books a year from my stack. I'm making some headway slowly but surely.