Monday, June 22, 2015

How do you do backup?

At one of the first Southern Magic meetings I attended two years ago, a member had recently lost a lot of her work and reminded everyone to be sure to backup your work. Well, her exact words were, "Backup your damn work, people!" And that stuck with me. :-)

About every four hours I backup my WIP. I work in Scrivener on the Dropbox cloud, which saves every two seconds (literally), but I wanted more protection that that. My internet is not reliable in the country.

So, I compile my WIP and save it on the desktop and a thumb drive. Finally I email it from my Yahoo to my gmail accounts.

I had a small scare recently, which made me wonder if that was not frequent enough. So, tell me, how do you backup your work and how often? Does it depend on your word count or pages or time you've spent?


Susan said...

Finally able to get on here an comment! LOL! I had a back up scare years ago, when my computer died (I saw the "sad Mac" and bomb icons at the same time...a sad moment) a day after I turned in my master's thesis!! That definitely taught me to back up, because I got so lucky! I use cloud back up and also email whatever document I am working on to an account I keep for that purpose. I really need to do a total system back up soon, though!

Ali Hubbard said...

Not the "sad Mac!" Anything but that!!!!!!!! But, I am so glad you had turned your thesis in. That's the best lesson...when you get scared but not actually hurt. lol.

I'm seeing a consistent message with the cloud....