Monday, June 15, 2015

Grab Your Colored Pencils

Based on a drawing by
Pierre Denys de Montfort

So this year has been stressful for me. But I just published my first novel. And I made PRO. I'm actually doing fine--a little frazzled around the edges but on the whole okay.

One habit I've cultivated to combat some of my anxiety is coloring. Adult coloring has taken the world by storm with complex drawings that are both beautiful and fun.

Coloring is an activity most of us remember from our childhood. It evokes memories of simpler times when major life decisions were often whether to stay inside and watch cartoons or go outside and play pirates.

The shedding of adult worries and going back to simply picking out colors to decorate a page, swiping the crayon in small motions to fill a lined void is almost meditative. I have to admit--I love it.

So when deciding on what kind of marketing I wanted for my new novel, The Klockwerk Kraken, I thought about coloring pages. And I'm unveiling my new pages here.

Click the pictures to download their corresponding PDF. Print them off and then get out your colored pencils.

Spend a few moments doing something fun, something colorful, and something relaxing.

Come color with me.

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Jillian said...

awesome! U love these! AND coloring is something I love to do as well. You clever, clever girl!

Aidee Ladnier said...

I'm going to host a coloring contest on during my blog tour, too. It just makes me happy to color.

Susan said...

Back in the fall, I was in a very stressed out frame of mind, and I read The Artist's Way. That book recommended coloring (in some capacity...can't remember what it said), so I picked up some colored pencils, downloaded some mandalas, and colored away! It was so relaxing, so I totally relate to your post! And I LOVE your coloring pages!!! AWESOME!!!

Aidee Ladnier said...

Thank you, Susan! I agree. There's something so relaxing in adding a little color to a page.

Meda White said...

Aidee, these are awesome. You are so creative. I agree that coloring can help you de-stress and I hope things mellow out so you can enjoy the ride. Have a happy day! I know I will once I dig up those colored pencils. :D

Tracie said...

I have known Aidee for a very long time. I can remember her sitting for hours working on a poster size coloring page with butterflies until it was perfect. I have always loved her creative endeavors.

Aidee Ladnier said...

Thank you, Meda! I hope you have tons of fun coloring them. Tracie, you definitely need to try out the coloring. You'd be amazed how fun it is.

Ali Hubbard said...

These are AMAZING. I love them so much. And you are right that is nice to just relax. I think our bodies/brains remember coloring and that gives it an extra psychological umph!

Aidee Ladnier said...

So glad you like them, Ali. I'm still ready to get behind your idea of a Southern Magic coloring book if you can get the other authors on board. :)