Monday, May 25, 2015


My family is filled with men who served our country. My cousin, Roger Hussey, a helicopter pilot, has done so many tours of duty in the Air National Guard he has flown everything from Huey Cobras to Black Hawks to Kiowas to Apaches. My brother-in-law, Arthur Roy Reed, is a veteran of the Korean War, and my uncle, J. C. Westmoreland, was decorated in three wars during his military career. During World War II he was a navigator in what was then called the Army Air Corps (later that was changed to the Air Force).  He flew in those huge B52 bombers in the European Theater, while his family back home prayed for his safety. He was also decorated in Korea and Viet Nam.

Uncle J.C. didn’t talk about his wartime experiences, but he did talk about having pride in his country and respect for the flag. He did talk about duty and honor and the sacrifices necessary for freedom. More than that, he showed all of us by example how to live a principled life.

Besides my daddy, Uncle J.C. was my biggest hero. He was also one of my biggest fans. He loved books of all kinds. He took great pride in reading my novels and telling everybody he saw that his niece was a writer. It didn’t matter to him that he was a strapping military man with a romance novel in his back pocket. What mattered was his love for his family.

I think that must be at the heart of every man and woman who has served or is now serving in the military – great love their family and a desire to see them continue to enjoy the freedoms our ancestors fought and died for. To all of them, I say THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU.

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Ali Hubbard said...

Sorry for the late comment. I've been out of town. I just wanted to say that I really like your tribute to our service members. I thank them so much for their sacrifices.