Friday, February 27, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

Earlier this week, people were talking about going to the Georgia Romance Writer's conference, Moonlight and Magnolias, this October. I love the conference, the people, the hotel, and so much more. Always a lot of fun.

I came so close to pushing the button to sign up. Then a few things came to mind. Number one being where will I get the money? In June, I'm taking the family on a beach vacation and then in July I'm going to the National conference in New York.

Sure I have a credit card, but I've been working hard to pay it off, and this would get me back to ground zero (the opposite side actually). So I started thinking about the pros and cons about going to the conference and came up with a list. The first question is worth two points, all else is one point.

Do you have the money?

Vacation time available at day job or/and babysitter for that time?

Is there an agent you want an appointment with or network with?

Is there an editor you want an appointment with or network with?

Are you presenting a workshop?

Are you on an author panel?

Are you giving a speech?

Do you have a new or current paperback book for the signing?

Do you have a way to sell e-books at the signing?

Is one of your books a finalist in their contest?

Are you up for an award? (Industry, member, etc.)

If you answered 7 or more no, then you should save your money.  If you answered yes to 7 or more, then go for it!

Of course, if you have the money and you want to go no matter the number of questions answered with a NO, I say go and have fun! Be sure to put pictures on Facebook, so I can live vicariously through you.

What would you add to the list?


Word is out Katerina Savalas has found a map that leads to a long-lost Union shipment of gold. She can’t take the chance of someone breaking into her home again. So she decides to hire a washed-up Circle operative to protect her home. 

Jack Drago wants to be left alone in his drunken misery. When he receives an unusual offer from Katerina, he accepts. What red-blooded heterosexual male with a death wish can turn down a chance to have a mob boss’s daughter in his bed?

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Ali Hubbard said...

I try to plan a year in advance so that I'm not swayed by emotion (that's how I do family vacations too). lol. Last year was my M & M year, but I ended up working out of town and missing it. I really hated that because everyone says how awesome it is.

Of course, I would LOVE to go this year, but I budgeted only for "book stuff" like cover, edits, formatting, etc. And some local things.

If I don't get some books written, then the rest won't help me. haha. Transition year!

Carla Swafford said...

You're so right, Ali. Smart lady.

Suzanne Johnson said...

Great post, Carla! I've had to go through a very similar checklist myself. Decided I could only do one conference this year and opted for Authors After Dark since it's in Atlanta and is at a time I should be able to get away from the day job for a few days.

I really want to go to M&M one of these days but probably not while I'm working at an SEC school since it's always during football season. I never know which Saturdays I'll have to work. So we'll both live vicariously!

Meda White said...

I love this list of questions, Carla. I need to get smarter about my time and money. Thanks for sharing. :D

Congratulations on the new release! Happy, mucho sales!