Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chance Meetings, New Friends, Partners & A Release- Curious yet?

In July 2013, I attended my first RWA National Conference in Atlanta. While waiting for a pitch appointment, I met another aspiring writer named Christina Kirby. We exchanged business cards (Who knew those would be so handy before I was published?) and a few weeks later, she emailed me to ask if I would be interested in a critique partner. We've been bleeding all over each other's work ever since.

This week, we're celebrating together because her debut novel is now available from Soul Mate Publishing. Stop by the Facebook party on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 from 6-9 PM CST for guests, fun, games, and prizes.

I'll share my interview with Christina below, but first check out her cover and blurb.

Driven by fear and desperate to protect her family, Samantha is forced to leave Chicago and everything she’s worked to achieve, only to start over by tossing a dart-at-the-map. The Georgia townsfolk’s true Southern charm is the unexpected prescription needed to heal her soul, and the sexy carpenter who touches her heart are distractions she didn’t plan on, but they might offer her a chance at a new life, if she can let go of her past. 
Town heartbreaker, Spencer Malloy, isn’t looking for anything serious. His days are perfect working as a contractor, attending his nephew’s baseball games or taking him fishing. He never expects to fall for the big city girl, Samantha. She’s not his type, timid and closed off, but in her unguarded moments, he’s intrigued by the woman he can’t get out of his mind. The urge to get closer to her grows stronger each day, and when the shadow of evil resurfaces, he vows to protect Samantha, even if it means abandoning his home and joining her on the run.
When confronted by the man who’s bent on revenge, Samantha must choose between running again to save the people she loves, or if she has the strength, to stay and fight for her new life.
Interview with Christina Kirby

Meda: When did you start writing and what inspired you to start? 
Christina: I’ve always been an avid reader and one day I had an idea for a story that I wanted to tell. It got me wondering if I could make something of it. I started writing Safe at Home before I had children when I would get home from work and then I got pregnant and we moved. Unfortunately, the book went on the back burner.
Fast forward a few years and two kids later. One New Year’s, I decided that no matter what, I would finish the book that year and I did. I finished it, submitted it and then realized I still had a lot to learn. Enter RWA Nationals in Atlanta here. I went to every workshop I could fit into my schedule and then another year later I was ready to submit.

Meda: I, too, learned a lot at Nationals that year. You worked really hard and I'm so proud of you.
Safe At Home is the first book in the Warm Spring Trilogy. Why did you decide to write a series?
Christina: It didn’t start out that way, but as I delved into Safe at Home and explored the different characters, I realized there were more stories to tell.

Meda: That sounds like me with the Southland Romances. Those other characters don't want to shut up until you tell their story. :)
When Safe At Home is adapted to film, and the producers ask for your dream cast, what will you say? 
Christina: I’ll blush and then tell them to check out my Pinterest page. Check out who I have in mind here:

Meda: Oh yeah. Any other Henry Cavill fans in the house? Yep, yep.
Is there a theme or message in your books that you want readers to grasp? 
Christina: I just want anyone who reads my books to feel satisfied. I want them to close it or swipe as may be the case, and feel that they were entertained. And, that they’ve visited a town close to my heart.

Meda: I love how you bring the town alive, and the people in it. I think Safe At Home is edge-of-your-seat entertaining.
Do you have a favorite quotation or words you live by?
Christina: “She believed she could, so she did.”

There you have it, ladies and gentleman. The fabulous Christina Kirby.
Christina Kirby holds a degree in Public Relations from Auburn University. She worked in banking for four and a half years before deciding to become a stay at home mom to her two sons. Moving every couple of years because of her husband’s job, Christina has had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and live in many different states. Fortunately, writing is something she can take with her no matter where she lives. Christina is an avid reader of romance, young adult and anything having to do with pop culture. She also knows a copy of Entertainment Weekly and a chocolate chip cookie can cure anything.

Find out more about her books (including her first published story in the Frozen Anthology) at her website:  Sign up for her Newsletter and Follow her on Twitter @CKirbyWriter |Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest  


Ali Hubbard said...

Congratulations on the release. I love the cover, the name, and the series name! I can't wait to read it.

I also love the story of how you met. It's funny how relationships are formed in this business.

I mostly love that she never gave up. Great post!

Alicia Coleman said...

Congratulations on your release! The blurb sounds intriguing.

Louisa Cornell said...

Congratulations! And I agree, the blurb sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it.

And what a wonderful story of how you met your crit partner. I confess I would not be where I am without the help of all of mine!