Friday, January 02, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Like a million other bloggers out there, I am posting about my New Year's resolutions today! I know I make them every year, and I do stick to some of them. But I have found that "absolutism" when it comes to resolutions is not always the best fit for me. It makes me feel claustrophobic and stuck. But I have been thinking about what I might do this year, and, because I am trying desperately to go more minimalist in my life, I have decided to tackle my growing TBR pile!

I am the first to admit it: My "To Be Read" pile is totally out of control. I have so many wonderful books just waiting to be read! It seems like I constantly acquire new books--and we won't even get started on my Kindle collection. But in the last few weeks, I have decided that enough is enough. I have to get through the TBR pile, because it is just wrong to let it keep collecting dust and taking up space. I am making a vow (and now in public) that I am not buying another physical book for the next 365 days. At first, I thought that I would try buying no books at all for the next year...but I know that is failure waiting to happen! So, I compromised. I can buy e-books,  but only if I am absolutely desperate to read something that has just been released. But as far as a hard copy...nope, not going to buy it!

I have to be held accountable for these kinds of things, so I am either going to do my usual Goodreads challenge, or I am going to join one of the many "TBR" challenges out there. It will be nice to keep track and know that I am making progress!

So, what are your New Year's Resolutions? Are they bookish? Personal? Or, did you just decide not to make one at all?

Susan Sierra is a historical and contemporary romance writer. She loves books and old letters, adores her dog and family, and has a deep and committed love affair with coffee. She spent time as an undergraduate studying (having fun) in Mexico, went on to work for a large regional magazine as a copy editor, and then decided that she hadn’t tortured herself enough in she went to graduate school. After many years, she walked away with a PhD and an unhealthy relationship with Charles Dickens. She hopes to complete her first full-length novel in 2015.


Cari Hislop said...

My TBR pile is fairly small (having gorged myself this last year). I normally read Non fiction when I'm writing so maybe I went too long and I ended up in Story starvation mode. I sort of went crazy, but I discovered new genres and authors that I want more of. And it led me to start stories in new genres (for me). I'm now half way through a contemporary romance which is making me laugh (I normally write Regencies).

For this year I hope to finish several stories. I plan to keep eating healthy so I can be more healthy. And I plan to allow myself more time to work on my other talents/arts. It's so easy to get sucked into a story and become enslaved to the characters. I think taking time to paint or sculpt etc will help me be a better writer. Over all I'm hoping 2015 will be a happy healthy creative year.

Brina Cary said...

My resolution was to submit to an agent, which I did yesterday! I guess that means I have to resolve to do something else now since I already accomplished that one. :)

Chris Bailey said...

I try not to crowd my writing time with too many specific resolutions, but I did set up an Author page on Facebook!

Louisa Cornell said...

I'm trying not to make resolutions, but I am making a plan. I plan to read more and keep track on Goodreads. I plan to write and indy pub the two sequels to my Christmas novella AND we are planning a Christmas Revels II for November. I will be writing a novella connected to A Perfectly Dreadful Christmas for it.

I still would like to be traditionally published, but I am leaning more toward hybrid author now.

Basically I plan to make something happen with my writing career rather than wait for something to happen.

Cari Hislop said...


Oooh! I'm hoping Winterbourne's story will be one! He's such a great character! :)