Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dance With My Heart Cover Reveal

I'm excited to share the cover for my January 28, 2015 release, Dance With My Heart.

This is the second Southland Romance and features one of the secondary characters from the first book, Danny. We also have a brand new kicka$$ heroine. I want to be Jane when I grow up.

Here's the back cover copy:

Traumatized by her past, former police officer Jane Dillon gets a new start in Los Angeles as a bodyguard. If she weren’t so good at saving people, she might seek a new career. At least when she moonlights as a dance teacher, no one shoots at her. One impossible-to-please macho boss, one hunk of manly hot action hero, and one oversized Southern family set her on a course she never saw coming.
Former Navy SEAL, Danny Baker, has a lot to deal with between his dad’s health, his sister’s public breakup, and figuring out how to get rid of a female employee without getting a sexual discrimination suit filed against him. He’s always believed it to be his duty to protect women and children, but seeing the beautiful and lethal Jane in action turns his worldview upside down. He’d almost rather go back to the jungle, except the dance floors of L.A. and the woods of Georgia are providing plenty of excitement.
If they can overcome their differences, Danny's family, and Jane's past, they might find that they make the perfect team.
“What about you?” Danny asked. “Who taught you to dance?”
“My grandfather, sort of,” Jane said. “He put me in karate and dancing when I started kindergarten. He didn’t know what to do with a little girl. I guess he tried to find balance for me.”
“Thanks to him, you can kick my ass and dance circles around me,” he said over his shoulder as he did a merengue step in place, while she literally danced around him. “I’ll have to thank him if I ever meet him.”
Before she returned to face him, she flared her fingers as she ran her hand across his back, feeling the taught muscles there. She tore her gaze from the fluid movement of his hips to see his eyes twinkling with laughter.
What had he been saying? Oh yeah, Grandfather.
Jane didn't have the heart to tell him her grandfather had passed. Because it reminded her of how alone she was in the world, she didn't like to think about it.
I grew up dancing, so I'm often surprised when people tell me they don't dance or they've never danced. How about you? Do you enjoy dancing? In the privacy of your kitchen maybe? On the dance floor of a club? At weddings? Do you like men who can dance? Does this do anything for you?


Alicia Coleman said...

Meda I love dancing. I don't think anyone else wants to see that kind of action! Looking forward to your release.

Meda White said...

LOL, Alicia. I don't dance in public very much anymore. But my pets get to see me in action quite often. Lily tries to dance with me. I just shake my hips and she runs full speed into my legs. On second thought, maybe she's trying to get me to stop. :D

Carla Swafford said...

Oh, if the guy moved or looked like Patrick, oh yeaaah.

I love to dance though it has been years. For some weird reason, hubby won't dance with me.

Ali Hubbard said...

I love the cover and I love dancing! All kinds of dancing, really. Best of luck with your release .Or should we say something like, "split an infinitive." The writing equivalent of "break a leg." lolol

Meda White said...

Carla, Hubba-luv won't dance with me either. We danced once, at my sister's wedding, while my cousin held a gun on him. Just kidding, but she did threaten him with bodily harm. His choices were to shuffle his feet or lose a toe. It was such a big deal, they took photos. I have proof we danced, once. :D I always imagined I'd marry a guy who moved like Patrick Swayze. Buahahaha.

Meda White said...

Thanks, Ali. I can see you and Big Country line dancing and two-stepping. :D Thanks for the well wishes. I hope I don't split something important, like my pants.

Callie James said...

What a wonderful premise. Sounds great! And I love the cover. :)

Meda White said...

Thanks, Callie. I appreciate your kind words. :)

Chris Bailey said...

I wish I could dance! What comes out when I hear music is some odd combination of ballet and aerobics, with a dash of inhibition. I'll go with your idea, and hope I can be more like your main character when I grow up.

In other news--our collle seemed to want canine companionship so much that we adopted a Sheltie from the same rescue you got Lily from!

Meda White said...

Chris- your description of dancing is so vivid I can see it now. LOL
And I'm so glad you got a sheltie from the rescue. Love and pets. We adopted a stray cat, or rather, she adopted us. She loves Lily, but Lily can't get her to play. It's hilarious.