Friday, January 30, 2015

$50 Giveaway and More!

Fans are the best part of writing. In my 30-year career, I’ve had the honor of meeting and hearing from readers and fans around the world. Most recently, I received a sweet letter from a lady in Ireland who loves my Southern Cousins Mystery Series. Her big question was this: Will there be more in this mystery series?  I hope so, but at the moment I’m looking at a writing schedule so jam packed with other projects, I don’t know when I can get back to Elvis and the zany Valentine gang.  It’s true that I have their story plotted out for many years to come. But since I write literary fiction as Elaine Hussey and just about everything else you can name as Peggy Webb, I have a hard time finding time to fit everything in.

Still, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Even after all these years it’s still exciting to head to my office every day and pour out the stories that just keep on coming.  I’m so grateful for this God-given talent and the fans and friends who keep me going, year after year!

To show my appreciation, I’m giving away a $50 bookstore gift certificate this month (January). All you have to do is enter the contest at Fresh Fiction. Nothing to buy. No gimmicks.  Just plain fun. If you haven’t already discovered this contest, head on over to my Elaine Hussey website and find the link in my blog.

I will be doing many more great giveaways this year, both at my blog and this one.  You’ll also find the latest news on these blogs.

Here’s what you can expect from me this year:
  1. SUNDAY COVE …This is an 8-book romantic comedy series. The first three books are already available at Amazon: Naughty and Nice, Birds of a Feather and Disturbing the Peace. These are classic romances revised with new material, a new romantic legend and new secondary characters who appear in all 8 books.
  2. Stars to Lead Me Home…This is a brand new women’s fiction novel, currently scheduled for Spring release.  You’re going to love it!  It will have all my trademarks - humor, lyric writing, and characters who feel as if they live next door.
  3. There is another exciting project in the works, but it’s too soon to give the details. 
    Stay tuned!

Happy reading!

Peggy Webb is the USA Today Bestselling author of more than 70 books. She also writes as Elaine Hussey. Pat Conroy calls her work “astonishing.”


Ali Hubbard said...

Ooh! Such a schedule for this year! That's awesome. I'm so curious about your writing process too. And...about what you have in the works.

Readers really appreciate writers who appreciate them!!!!

Peggy Webb said...

Thanks, Ali! My writing schedule includes regular office hours, dedicated to writing! I spend as little time each day as I can on social media and answering emails. More and more, promotion takes a big chunk of time; so usually I set aside an entire day to do just that and then don't feel guilty that I didn't write. Through the years, I've learned not to compare my process to others. I simply figured out what works for me.

Thanks for stopping by, Ali! I'll give more details next month about what I have in the works!