Friday, December 12, 2014

Traditions of the More Colorful Sort

There is no time of the year that tradition dominates my activities more than the holidays.  I would love to paint the picture of my family snuggled around a crackling fire as someone with a cultured British accent read Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Something like this:

But alas, the traditions celebrated at Casa de Leonard are a little more . . . colorful?  We begin with topping the tree.  You may have a star or angel up there.  Well, I have a stuffed Yukon Cornelius (the original Ron Swanson) to guard the top of my tree.  Tell me an angel or star is better than this:

Many families watch a specific movie during the holiday season.  It's a Wonderful Life.  Love Actually.  Die Hard. Gremlins.  Ahh, the classics.  Our family has a Christmas movie.  The best darn Christmas movie ever. STARSHIP TROOPERS!!!!!  If you want to argue with me that it isn't the best darn holiday movie ever, you can try.  You will lose.

These are the traditions I am willing to publicly share.  Buy me a glass (or three) of champagne and I may be willing to share a few more (after you sign the appropriate NDA).

Don't leave me hanging out here alone.  Share your more colorful holiday traditions with me.  Or do I need to buy you a glass of champagne? 


Meda White said...

I love the Yukon Cornelius Christmas tree topper. Awesome! As far as unusual Christmas traditions at the White house, the only really odd thing I can think of is we don't have the traditional Christmas meal. No turkey and/or ham with all the fixins. We have steak, baked potatoes, salad, and a box of wine. It used to be a pony keg, but we've gotten more sophisticated over the years. Yeah, come on. ;)

Nancee Cain said...

We eat bagels, lox and cream cheese. It's an ecumenical breakfast on Christmas morning.

Ali Hubbard said...

Yukon Cornelius may be the best tree topper ever! I bet your house is so fun. :-) I think our tradition is that we don't have any traditions. I've tried several different things, but nothing really stuck or seemed like a good fit for us.

All my Italian family's traditions involved food, of course. A big bowl of mostaccioli and crusty, homemade bread dipped in bagna cauda. But, my family doesn't like Italian food. Seriously, how is that possible?

So, I'm still in search of our tradition. I didn't try anything new this year...but I still have time and pinterest :-)

Louisa Cornell said...

LOVE the Yukon Cornelius tree topper! Too cute!

One of my traditions is to include an engraved ornament for every pet I've lost and the year of their last Christmas with me. Sounds sad, but it truly isn't. It is like they are spending Christmas with me every year.

Another is I always add a new ornament of some kind each year. I have several sets of ornaments each with a different theme. This year I added an odd man out. I added a University of Alabama stiletto ornament. Yes, I am a Bama fan, but more important it's a shoe!! SO CUTE !!

And one of my favorite Christmas movies is Die Hard. I watch it every year.

And because I usually work on Christmas Eve and have to load the car and head for Mom's in Pelham well after dark, she and I usually spend Christmas Eve just the two of us with a large Domino's pepperoni pizza. We've been doing that for about ten years now and it's fun!

This year I have something extra to celebrate as my very first published work came out December 1st. The anthology is doing really well and I am having a ball!

Thanks for being the very best RWA Chapter on the planet! I would not be a published author (actually making money and everything!) without this group of amazing writers! MWAH!

Heather said...

What awesome traditions! Thank you for sharing