Monday, December 15, 2014

My Top Five Favorite Things About The Holidays

December is one of my favorite months in the year. So, in the spirit of goodwill to all men (and women!), I'm sharing a list of what I love so much about December and the holidays.
  1. Decorating the Tree for Christmas. Because I have the kitchiest, most marvelous ornaments in the world and they always make me smile to see them. It's like visiting with old friends.
  2. Soy Eggnog. I thought for sure I'd have to give up eggnog when I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, but luckily, there's a deeeelicious soy milk alternative that tastes exactly the same. Yum!
  3. Lighting the Fireplace. Okay, my fireplace is electric, so theoretically I can run it all year long because heat doesn't actually come out of it unless I push a button....but it's winter and there's a fire in the fireplace!!!
  4. Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas Movies. These are my incredibly guilty and (almost) secret pleasure. I'm totally outing myself on this blog, but I literally fill up the DVR with them and watch them all year long.
  5. Baking Christmas Cookies. I love to bake cookies. There's something a little zen about mixing all the ingredients, placing decorations meticulously on each one, and than smelling the delicious scent of baking cookies wafting from the oven.
So those are my favorite things about the holidays. What are yours? 

I hope you all have a great and wonderful month full of fun, friendship, and really good food. ;)


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miki said...

i do love decorating the tree!^^ and creating the gifts fort other to put inder theirs

Aidee Ladnier said...

Me,too, Miki!! Although I'm like the worst gift-wrapper imaginable. I think my family looks forward to seeing what disaster of a outside wrap I come up with more than what's inside.

Alicia Coleman said...

My favorite thing to do for the holidays is decorating the tree, the house, etc. Happy Holidays!

Louisa Cornell said...

I do love to turn on the lights on my tree. The dogs and cat are fascinated and can sit and watch them for hours.

I love sending Christmas cards because so many of my friends are overseas and I get to write to them via snailmail rather than e mail.

I love to drag out the dogs holiday sweaters and make them try them on in case I need to buy a new one or alter one for the visit to Nana's house.

I love reading my Regency Christmas anthologies. I collect them and read them over and over during the holidays. I do the same with holiday movies.

Ali Hubbard said...

You DO have the best ornaments. While I don't love decorating, the ornaments make it worth it! I try to buy an ornament whenever we go somewhere, even if it's for the weekend. We get to relive all those times again.

Carla Swafford said...

Oh, I must try out the soy eggnog!

Cari Hislop said...

I love the lights too! They're like insta-cheer. Me and my Goblin are both sick at the moment (nasty evil cold bug from hell), but I'm looking forward to Christmas dinner (hopefully I'll be able to smell by then). One of the best things about Christmas has always been the food...I love Christmas food! :)