Monday, December 29, 2014

Engaging Novel Interview

Today I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of interviewing an author or writing about my own work, I will interview a Southern Magic author’s novel. This will work basically like a book review except it will only cover the first 16 sentences of the novel. See if you can guess what story this is, and who wrote it.

THE NAKED MAN swayed back and forth, his ankles bound by duct tape and rope to a massive hook suspended from the ceiling. A bare light bulb at the end of a long wire swung in the opposite direction, casting drunken shadows across every inch of his sweat-coated skin.
Abby Rodriguez’s gaze followed the movement of Rex Drago’s body as if watching a tennis match in slow motion.
“Enjoying the view?” His bored and resigned tone barely hid his sarcasm. Even upside down, his eyes taunted her.
“Yeah. Actually, I am.” She sat cross-legged a few feet away on the warehouse floor, her favorite Sig in one hand, resting on her knee. “You’ve been working on your abs. Got them looking good. Almost an eight-pack. Maybe you could get a job modeling for romance novels.” With his big arms tied behind his back, she admired how the muscles expanded each time he struggled with the tape. A sparse swirl of hair rested between his pecs and trailed to a thin line over his abs toward his groin.
“Funny. Real funny.” He cleared his throat. “Get me down.
(Slightly longer than 16 sentence because there were several one-word statements.)

1.     Does it connect the reader with the protagonist? Yes, and I like Abby’s method of viewing a naked man. Definitely a strong willed woman.

2.     What is happening? Abby has the upper hand with Rex suspended upside down from a hook.

3.     Is it dramatized? Definitely. Who wouldn’t love to see this?

4.     Does the action move the story forward? Yes. It compels me to read more.

5.     Does what happens have consequences? Yes. I anticipate that Rex will take his revenge for being displayed helplessly. Hopefully with pleasure involved.

6.     Does the protagonist do something? Yes. Abby is taunting Rex while guarding him with a gun. She must anticipate him pulling a Houdini.

7.     Does the protagonist desire something? Yes. I think what Abby’s desire is something of a sexual nature. Could be fun with him suspended and helpless. Whatever the issue, it would have to be dire for her to go to such drastic measures to ensure his cooperation.

8.     Is the action current? Yes.

9.     Is there enough setting? Yes. They are in a warehouse with hooks in the ceiling, but who noticed with the hunky naked man?

10.  Does what happen raise a story question? Absolutely. Why is he hogtied upside down, and how did Abby get him that way?

I give the start of this story a full 10 points because all questions were answered with a yes. So, what do you think? Is this a story that you’d like to read? I’m intrigued myself and want to know what happens next. Below is the Novel name and a short summary as well as the Author Bio.

Hope you enjoy my review,
Philisha Byrd Stephens

After disappearing days before her wedding to fellow Circle agent Rex Drago, Abby Rodriguez discovered that trying to reclaim a life—and a love—lost is a whole lot harder than she thought. When her family's safety is threatened by an arms dealer, Abby must go undercover with the one man who sees right through her as they play the scariest roles yet: husband and wife.

Mission or no mission, Rex Drago wants answers from his ex-fiancée. Forced to play along as a rival arms dealer and the husband he once wanted to be, Rex is finding it hard to stay professional—especially since Abby is just as hot as ever. And when they find themselves in a very intimate position, Abby and Rex must act the part—or risk blowing their cover entirely.​

CIRCLE OF DECEPTION can be found anywhere on line where books are sold.

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Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Philisha!

Ali Hubbard said...

Not sure how I missed this! I'll blame New Years.

I love the analysis. I was lucky to hear Eloisa James speak to some UA students in more of her professor role. One thing she said really stood out for me: ANALYZE YOUR WORK. We write and write and then edit. But, we also need to THINK about if things make sense. I call this my "muddle" time. I also have to "muddle" when doing a blurb. For me the analysis can't be immediate when left to my own devices. Having questions points me in the right direction.