Monday, November 24, 2014

Life Inspirations

I love how life has a habit of happening around me whether I notice it or not. A lot of times, I have my head in a fantasy world of my own creation because I’m a writer. Notice how I phrased that. I write, but I’m not published, yet. I say all this to preface the importance of the real world and how it affects or becomes incorporated into stories. Normal occurrences around me, I ask ‘what if.’

For example: I’m typing on my laptop in the living room while the husband is at work and the kids are in school. Other than the dog, I’m home alone. The dog was lying on the couch but suddenly jumped up and ran to the beginning of the stairs to growl. So what went through my mind? I thought the ghost of my husband’s mother had come to haunt us and only the dog could sense her presence. I did what all good writers would do; I started a new book, only this one would be scary.

Then there was the night my daughter and I drove to my parent’s home in the woods. We stopped in the road when a huge wolf-like dog stood in the way and stared at us. So what went through my mind? I thought about a story of werewolves and big hunky alpha males. Paranormal romance.

So what about you? Do you see a story in strange life events around you? If so, give us an example.

Philisha Byrd Stephens


Louisa Cornell said...

I write historical romance so it is a bit different for me. However, will confess I've brought some of my own life experiences to my current WIP in that the heroine owns a rather large python and an over-sized meat eating lizard that likes to chase men down hallways. It has been many years since Big Mama the python and Sigmund the iguana shared my home, but when I wanted to add something else a bit odd to my Jane Austen meets the Addams Family novel, those life experiences came in handy. :)

Cari Hislop said...

I love the weird and the bizarre! Life's happenings can be stranger than fiction on occasion, but it's brilliant when they inspire it. I've had several stories spring to life after being made angry about something I've seen or heard. I can't remember if it was a tv show or an article I read, but basically there were these wealthy young men from several generations of money who mocking someone with new wealth...and they were sneering that he had to buy his own chairs. It was something snobbish and pretentious (and frankly stupid because even if you inherit generations worth of property someone bought all the furniture in the first place or there wouldn't be any). While I sat there fuming at the stupidity I was struck by a story. I love it when life just happening kicks a story to life.