Friday, October 31, 2014

Be Afraid, Very Afraid

We all know there are numerous types of fear. The dark. I am afraid. Oh, yeah. Needles. No problem as long as I'm not looking. Speaking in public. Only a little.

I will admit I love being frighten, but in a controlled environment like going through haunted houses, watching a ghost story in a dimmed theater (but no horror for me), or being tossed around on a roller coaster.

Well, the time of year that's perfect for scaring people is upon us. Yep. Halloween. So much fun for kids and adults. A holiday like Valentine's Day that's made for giving candy! But the only holiday for costumes. I love dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else. Even when it's not that holiday.  A couple years ago, I dressed up as a dark angel for a conference. Here I am with the wonderful Dianna Love.
(It's law. If you write paranormal or romantic suspense,  you must wear black.  HA!)  

I firmly believe authors write stories as part of their wish to be someone else, to live a different life and to see how it all turns out. Of course, always with a happily ever after.

Unlike many authors (most are introverts), I'm not afraid of meeting strangers, even while I'm dressed in black wings. I love doing book signings because I get to entice readers to my little spot with candy and fun swag.  *evil grin* And woe to the reader who asks me about my books. Often the person runs screaming away (or buys a book) to shut me up. 

All of that miscellaneous information leads us to a question: In honor of Halloween today, what was your favorite costume when you were a kid? An adult?
Me? I loved my Bug Bunny costume. Thin plastic mask and one piece jumpsuit. As an adult it jumped from Frankenstein to a werewolf and back until I bought the wings. Love those wings.

Carla Swafford
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Kim Turner said...

I was Frankensteins monster about age 7. It was a hit.

Carla Swafford said...

I bet you were a cute little monster. :-)

Cari Hislop said...

Love your black wings! Halloween used to be my favorite holiday until I worked three Halloweens in a costume shop. All the endless prepping and dressing up and then the mountain of work dealing with the cleaning of costumes afterwards sort of deflated the joy (but I think I'm finally starting to recover).

As a kid for some unknown reason I decided I had to have a mouse costume for Halloween. My mother decided to humour me and set about designing and making me this mouse costume out of fabric we had lying around (and I made the big fat tail). I was born looking like a chipmunk so I had the whole rodent look. The costume won a prize. I'm probably lucky the kids didn't start calling me Ratty.

As an adult my favorite costume was The Waitress From Hell. I had this black and white double knit polyester old waitress uniform that I bought (to wear on regular days because I loved it so much) and I just had to make myself look dead (didn't take too much effort) and add a bloody hand print to the uniform (a pen and a pad and I was good to go). Simple is good! My dead bride turned out well too (second hand wedding dress plus cornstarch in the hair and white face paint...voila!)

Carla Swafford said...

That's some great ideas. I dressed up my oldest daughter (age 5) in cut offs of my husband's (pants on her) and tied it off with rope. Put an old plaid shirt tied at the "waist" and use clown make up on her face. She was adorable as a hobo clown. Only thing is people laughed (because she was so cute) and she got her feelings hurt. She hated it. *sniff*

Suzanne Johnson said...

People in my building dressed up for work today. We had some great costumes. I came as a bitchy magazine editor; oddly, no one could tell the difference!

Louisa Cornell said...

I confess I kept a few of my costumes from my opera singing days. My favorite, which was a big hit the Halloweens I wore it, was my final act costume from Lucia di Lammermoor.

I sang the title role and in the last act Lucia comes down the stairs after her wedding in the middle of her wedding ball in a white muslin nightgown covered in blood and carrying the knife she has just used on her new husband. I even kept the long wig (the hair comes to my ankles) I wore. Great costume! Especially when people know the story behind it!

Anonymous said...
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Ali Hubbard said...

You make an awesome dark angel! Wow. Mom always made my costumes and I remember a 1st grade leopard being my favorite...the tail was scrunchy with newspaper. lol. I have this image of her at night on her sewing machine with leopard fabric and these incredibly long legs of hers. :-) I think she's grateful for Walmart these days!