Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Well...THIS is embarrassing...!

The whole month of September is Blogfest, and at the end of the month a grand prize winner of a KINDLE FIRE HD will be chosen from everyone who commented during the month. The winner will be announced September 30th!

The first time I found my local RWA chapter and researched meeting times and made plans to attend, my husband had to kick me out the door. I tend to go by that principle of a body at rest...y'know... stays at rest? Yes. And I was quite content to stay at rest inside my writing cave and to pretend my little world was real. But he made me go and unknowingly...
 he released the secret Kraken inside of me!

You see, I have an extroverted twin personality to complement
imaginative introverted me. 
Megaphone Me promotes, supports, markets, and blabbers to anyone who will lend an ear for ten seconds about

Who needs a megaphone? Y'all... 
I. Am. Megaphone. 

So here's my embarrassing story....
The first time I was in the presence of a real, live author who had made it! - one with contracts and deadlines and a tired but happy smile on her face - I rubbed her arm. Yes, I rubbed poor, unsuspecting [no I'm not telling her name!] arm like she was a genie lamp hoping some of her writing genius and publishing luck would rub onto my hand so I could be published and rich and famous too.
I know - I know...
I have since learned to mind my manners (read: I keep my hands to myself). 

The reason I confess this totally weird and embarrassing thing I did is because I want to warn you:
 If you go to the Romance Magicians' Luncheon in November 1 and you are in the same room with totally fabulous Sylvia Day,  Naima Simone, Carla Swafford, Debby Giusti, Kathy Bone, M.V. Freeman, Pam Mantovanni, Christine Glover, Lexi George, Hildie McQueen, and 
many many more... <<<<subtle registration link hint here
DO NOT rub their arms thinking a Genie (or some sexy kilted hero-private investigator-19th century naval officer -cowboy -billionaire) will appear! 
It does NOT work that way! 
You MUST buy their books! Or check them out from your local library. 

Ok! Group Hugs are acceptable...
As long as you buy a ticket first! Line forms behind me.

And PUHLEESE!  DON'T ask Suzanne Johnson about me, the empty chair, and the purloined coffee cup. Don't... just don't.

 Since I am pre- published and I want to give away a book to a wonderful commenter who likes to read and/or write fantasy romance, I am giving an ecopy

 of the magnificent Anna Steffl's Seeking Solace, book 1 of the Solace Trilogy,
 if you tell me something embarrassing you did when you met an author or celebrity out there in the real world.
(Or don't tell me; it's okay- we're all friends here.)


Southern Magic’s Readers Luncheon is November 1st in Birmingham, AL.
 NYT bestselling author Sylvia Day is the keynote speaker! To register,go to http://southernmagic.org/luncheon.html.
 Each attendee receives a bag of books and author swag, sits at a table with one or two published authors, and gets more opportunities to win baskets full of goodies! 


Cari Hislop said...

Love the arm rubbing story! I've never met any well known writers, but I had this weird experience...a few years after I started writing full time I was at this function and someone asked me what I did for a living so I replied I wrote romance novels (or rather that I was trying). The other person then responded that she knew a writer and I was like Oh? Turns out she knew Anne Perry (the mystery writer). I was like...yes she's very good (I love her Inspector Pitt series) though I admit at the time I felt a bit daunted...this last year I was telling someone else that I was a writer and they said they knew an author...and it was Anne Perry again...that's just freaking weird!!! Perry lives in Scotland. I live far away in England. What are the odds?

One romance writer I wish I knew (so I could torture her with endless questions about her characters and unfolding series) is Rachel Van Dyken. I discovered her in the last month or so and I'm hooked. She writes New Adult contemporary romances (as well as Regencies which I haven't read yet). I've really enjoyed her maffia/romance (Elite) series...so intense with brilliant characters you can't help loving even though they're all borderline sociopaths.

Naima Simone said...

LOL!! That arm-rubbing story is HILARIOUS!! I love ! Believe it or not--and I know it's hard to believe it--I haven't embarrassed myself in front of an author I love yet. Linda Howard was a close call when she told me she loved my shoes. :-) I don't know if telling Jeaniene Frost that I <3 her at last year's luncheon (complete with hand signals) was embarrassing...Snicker.

Buuut, if I ever, EVAH meet Nora Roberts or Nalini Singh? Shoooot!! Prepare yourself for swoonage and histrionics of epic proportions! Cuz I'm gonna be loose!! LOL!!

Anna Steffl said...

I don't want to win THAT book because, well, I wrote it. But, I did rub, caress, kiss, smother Kate Brady's Rita statue.

In non-writer brushes with fame, I went to a Church concert, my fave band at the time, in Omaha, NE. My friend and I were hanging out in the parking lot when the band, 100 feet away, started playing kickball. We watched. They kind of looked over once in awhile...like, are they going to come over here or not? We were too chicken. Could have been groupies for a night.

Susan Reynolds said...

This is a great story! I love it!

Charlotte said...

When I met Jo Carson from Johnson City, Tn. I was totally in awe of her. I was afraid to speak for fear of using incorrect grammar. She wrote children's books and educational manuscripts. She was a play write and was in the process of writing a play for Swamp Gravy our local community play.
She was the most down to earth, real human being I've ever had the honour to know. She was soft spoken, yet she had a very commanding personality. I'm a hugger (need I say more) so I hugged her. In that moment I knew we were spirit sisters; I wondered if she knew;but I didn't have to ponder very long. She sought me out of a very large group and gave me a necklace with a carved wooden turtle pendant. The turtle is my totem. I was wearing a bracelet with a single black bear charm on it; I took the bracelet off and gave it to her. The black bear was her totem. I bought all her books, autographed, of course, and she even wrote about me in one of her educational manuals.I was the first to read one of her children's books before it was published, "My Covers Won't Let Me Go". This is a prime example of "you never know what will happen" when kindred spirits meet.Best Wishes to you and keep on rubbing, you just never know.

Pamela Mason said...

Cari, I take your story to mean that it is written in the stars that you and Anne Perry are destined to meet and become lifelong writing pals.
I want to meet J.R.Ward and ... well, politely shake her hand and Pick.Her.Brain.
And on that note... isn't it so odd that the Nicest People on the planet write the Creepiest Characters??? hmmmmm....

Pamela Mason said...

Naima, I have another embarrassing story to tell:
two years ago with Susan Elizabeth Phillips was at RWA Natls in the ATL (my home base) I blubbered and cried all over her!! I can't say what came over me... but yes, I totally and completely did the ugly snotty crybaby thing.
She laughed and laughed, got up and came around the table to give me a hug, and said "Is it sick that I am totally enjoying this? Because it's what makes it worth it to me to get up and face the page every morning."
We pay homage.

Pamela Mason said...

I confess to stroking that Rita myself Anna... in a completely respectful, publicly acceptable way.
And Kate Brady is so good I cannot read her books. They scare me all the way to barring the door with a tower of spaghetti sauce cans, ala Laura Brady.
Wait... Brady.... hmmmm....
I am glad you could not bring yourself to being a kickball groupie. I'd hate for you to not respect yourself the next morning at P.E.

Pamela Mason said...

Thank you Susan! I hope you come back for more sometime - there's plenty more where that came from.

Pamela Mason said...

Now Charlotte, that is one delightful story! I am happy that you and Jo Carson found each other.
I think the group hugging and air kissing will become my m.o. from here on out. Spreads less germs than handshaking and maybe I'll find my own spirit sister like you did.

Missy Tippens said...

I burst into tears at my first GRW meeting. LOL Luckily, I got control of myself and no one seemed to notice. Either that, or they understood and let me have my moment. :)

Great story, Pamela!

Kellie Kamryn said...

Wish I could attend this luncheon!

This year when I attended RT, I spied Kim Castillo, wonderful woman & full time assistant to the lovely and talented Eloisa James, standing off to one side, so I hurried over, arms outstretched, to give her a big hug because it's been a few years since I've seen her in person. Well, who did I flounce right by? Ms. Eloisa James herself. *head slap* How could I not see her standing there, all tall and regal and elegant?!? Oy... As my face turned a lovely shade of beet red, I hugged her too, and stammered how lovely it was to see her again as well.

I've met a lot of "famous" authors, but I always get tongue-tied and fan-girly with Eloisa James. Lord help me! My solace is that Eloisa has a story like this herself & told it at one of her talks I attended - something she said once about almost pushing Susan Elisabeth Phillips into a fountain I think or some such.
Anyway, Eloisa James has always been so friendly and gracious to me, and I hope she doesn't think I'm a lost cause!

Rita Bay said...

Such a funny story, it had to come from another paranormal writer. At the GCCRWA Silken Sands conference one year, we had some appointment openings that needed to be filled. I actually pitched unwritten stories to an editor and publisher because all my books were contracted. Serendipity happens. I liked the publisher so much, I actually submitted a story to her the following year and my contemporary stories are published there with my Christmas Regency due out in December. BTW, I didn't rub the publisher's arm, but I did buy one of her books at the booksigning.

Pamela Mason said...

Missy! Honey! What made you cry?!

Pamela Mason said...

LOL! Kellie!
Y'know, with all the work Kim Castillo puts in, I'll bet Eloisa James was totally understanding.
Plus she's very poised. And, knowing you, I cannot imagine how anyone would think you're a lost anything.
You are one of the most "found" people on this planet. :)

Pamela Mason said...

Rita Bay... YOU are da GENIUS-GIRL! And I shall be looking for that Christmas Regency you wrote!

Suzanne Johnson said...

So THAT's what happened to that coffee cup!!! LOL. I lost all embarrassment potential when sitting next to Jeaniene Frost on a panel and being too star-struck to open my mouth. Once I finally had to say something on the panel, an audience member's cell phone rang just as I opened my mouth and it was a BLEATING GOAT. That isn't code for anything; it was a GOAT. And it happened twice. That pretty much humiliated me so much (okay, it was funny) that I'm beyond humiliation anymore. :-). Although if confronted by Stephen King or JR Ward....yeah, I could embarrass myself.

Callie James said...

You are too funny. When I'm starstruck, I tend to go mute or start blurting. It could go either way. Kinda scary. I'd much rather rub someone's arm. At least I could recover quickly and pretend they had lint or a bug on their shirt. :) Cute post!

miki said...

not happened yet but let's be honest if i were to meet several of you i'm sure i would do something stupid or embarassing^^;; ( too much emotion excuse^^;;)

M.V.Freeman said...

You are wonderful- you made me laugh. I am so looking forward to seeing you at the luncheon!

Ali Hubbard said...

I love your moment. I won't call it embarrassing. And I also love your pic of Elf. lololol. My husband had to put me in the car for the first meeting I attended too.

I should be embarrassed about spelling "embarrassed" wrong about a gajillion times.

I get rattled around Eloisa James because I love her books and really like her. She's always been gracious. I feel very country mouse around her :-)

I EMBARRASSED myself with a writer I really admire at last year's luncheon. I had a crazy work-until-9-every-night week interspersed with my child's stomach bug. In other words, NO SLEEP. Saturday morning I put on my new dress (which was a huge deal because I rarely shop), and my daughter called me to her room so she could look at me...and promptly threw up all over me. I showered and changed and left late and starving (and without coffee), thinking, I'll just grab something from a vending machine when I get there. Mind you, I have an occasionally incapacitating fear of crowds and new places, so I wasn't sure how the day was going to turn out for me. lol. No vending machines and I got caught up doing my volunteer stuff. When the food came, it had nuts (which I can't have). Trudging along, I was GOING to meet this author I loved to read. I waited in her line and realized I was kind of shaking. Stress and exhaustion and dehydration. Oh My! When I got to her, she was super sweet and said, "don't worry. I had one person cry."

So, I didn't make the best impression. lolol

Pamela Mason said...

Suzanne! LOL... a goat??
I'm sorry if this offends anyone here (not really) but...
WHOTHEHECK has a GOAT BLEATING for a ringtone???

Betch'ya JF will never forget YOU now! You will forever be remembered fondly as She Who Bleats!

And... I use that coffee cup allll the tiiimmme.

Pamela Mason said...

Trust me Callie, mute is the way to go. She Whose Arm Was Rubbed WISHES I was only mute! Or blurting.
Or far, far away from her....

Pamela Mason said...
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Pamela Mason said...

So M.v., I was thinking WMP needs to be sponsoring some coffee or tea or dessert or something.

Pamela Mason said...

Oh Ali, I sure remember the Period of Vomit in my child rearing days. And then... NO Food?
At least you didn't do a face plant in her lap - that's something to be grateful about!

Pamela Mason said...

Miki, Miki, Miki... no reason to be afraid. We all put our big girl panties on one leg at a time, just like you do.

bn100 said...

Funny stories

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

M.V.Freeman said...

That is a thought! Coffee is always good! :)

Ali Hubbard said...

Oh..I scarfed those sweet potatoes down. Lolol. So I was good and carbed up.

Shadow said...

lol Sorry to laugh, but thats adorable! Id totally do that. And stutter a bit, talk there ear off, ask that a million questions and probably have them sign 20 different things. lol I havent been to an author convention yet, but i want to one day. Tho, it might not be a good idea on my part. Might end up changing my name so yall dont know me and anything i do, i cant be held accountable. lol
Thanks for sharing! That was fun! Have an awesome time! Rub someone for me! :D