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The Blogfest Begins! Special Cover Reveal

Well, what do you think? Jack finally gets his story. He's the brother to Rex, the hero in CIRCLE OF DECEPTION. Jack is a hard-ass, cat loving, poetry spouting mercenary who has a bit of a drinking problem when Katerina Savalas goes to him for help.

If you've been reading The Circle series, her name might sound familiar. She showed up in CIRCLE OF DANGER. If only her last name rings a bell, then you remember her dad is the crime boss who strung up Rex, naked, in the opening scene of DECEPTION.

Here's a little excerpt from Chapter 1.  Beware: it's rated PG-13.

Pausing for a second to take a deep breath, she [Katerina] then fisted the soft material, yanking it across the pole, making the large metal rings clanked. Then she gasped.
Stretched out on a recliner, head shaved, broad chest bare, pants and black underwear around one ankle with a large smirk on his face was Jack Drago. A shapely blonde sat between his legs with her head bent over his groin.
Face hot, Katerina took one step back but hesitated, squashing the desire to turn and run. She needed his help, and she couldn't put it off any longer. With her decision made, she forced her gaze to meet his, not caring about whatever she intruded on. Light blue eyes examined her with lazy, licentious interest. No matter how uncomfortable his stare made her feel, she refused to look away.
The man was still as gorgeous as she remembered with his grid-defined abs and huge muscled arms on full display. Some type of Celtic design covered one shoulder to wrist and piercings through his nipples, one brow, and a loop in his lip made him look like a pagan god while the woman worshiped his . . . staff?
Warmth, either from embarrassment or something she rather not think about, spread across her face and neck.
 “Hey, you look familiar,” he said in the deep gruff voice that she remembered. “I know.” He lifted a stubborn chin. “You’re that Savalas girl. Kristina. No. Katerina. Yeah, that’s it.” He slung a beefy arm over his head; his relaxed pose displaying muscles and toned body like a romance novel cover. “Come over and tell me how she’s doing. She claims to be a pro at it, but I think I’m her first.” He chuckled as he lifted a bottle of Devil’s Cut in his other hand and guzzled a third of it.
Shaking her head, Katerina held up a palm. “No. No. I’ll pass. I didn't mean to interrupt.”  
The blonde huffed and leaned back. “I've been doing this for ten years, and I’m a hell of lot better at it than the fellow in Atlanta you were telling me about.”
Fellow? Eyebrows raised, her gaze returned to his face. He swung both ways? Then a mechanical humming stopped. What in the world? Unable to resist any longer, she peeked over the blonde’s shoulder.
She breathed a sigh of relief on seeing the artwork the woman worked on. Feeling a little stupid ― it was a tattoo shop ― she eyed the design.
On the left side of Jack’s groin, a large black ink pattern depicted a fallen angel with wings curled over a bowed head and a bruised, bloody body. Dark feathers brushed Jack’s abs and ended where his thigh and torso met. The design was beautiful and poignant. 
When Jack’s cock twitched, she realized where her gaze had drifted, and her face heated again until it probably looked like an overripe tomato.
            She twirled around, giving him her back. “Huh . . . I need to talk with you. After you pull up your pants.” The image of his cock would be seared on her brain for the rest of her life.
Sure, she’d seen the male species in their all-together ― her brothers lacked the modest-gene as kids, and she enjoyed the occasional picture on the Internet, and for that matter, she was no twenty-six year old virgin ― but Jack was different. First, her interest in him was in no way family related, and second, he looked ten times better than anything on the Internet or the men she’d dated. As Jack was a mature man, with muscles and tats budging and rippling in places she never imagined muscles and tats could look like that in real life. Oh, yes. The man was sin incarnate and dangerous.
And that was part of the reason she needed him.

I'm hoping to have it released the end of October. Please check it out then.

Jack has a sleeve of tattoos on one arm (and the new fallen angel near his groin) and piercing at one eyebrow, nipples and the center of his bottom lip (a loop). What kind of tattoo or piercing turns you on? Fantasy or real.

For three lucky winners/commenters, you can win your choice of (in order of release): CIRCLE OF DESIRE, CIRCLE OF DANGER, CIRCLE OF DECEPTION, CIRCLE OF DISHONOR (novella). Inside or outside the US, it can be in e-format. In the US only, you can choose paperback for the first three books. The winners will be announced Sunday (Sept 7).

For the month of September, Southern Magic celebrates their Readers Luncheon being held November 1 in Birmingham, AL. NYT bestselling author Sylvia Day is the keynote speaker.  Come back and visit every day. Each post will be giving away a book or gift card! At the end of the blogfest, a grand prize winner of a Kindle Fire HD will be picked from everyone who comment during the month and be announced September 30. 

To register for the luncheon, go to Each attendee will receive a bag of books and author swag, sit at a table with one or two published authors, and opportunities to win baskets full of goodies.

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Callie James said...

Great cover, Carla! It's sexy and sweet at the same time. Love it.

Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Callie. Tricia did a great job.

Alicia Coleman said...

I love the cover. The excerpt is HOT!

Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Alicia. Yep. And Jack is very hot! LOL!

Peggy Webb said...

Wow, what a cover, Carla! Congratulations on your Circle series!

Larynn Ford said...

Love that cover!

Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Peggy and Larynn.

Steph F. said...

I love the cover, very eye catching and beautiful.
Great excerpt, has me even more eager to read.

Naima Simone said...

LOVE the cover, Carla!! And the excerpt is hot as usual. Can't wait for my next "Circle" fix! :-)

Carla Swafford said...

Thank you, Steph and Naima!

Sue Sattler said...

Yay! New books for me to read. I really need to check them out. :D

Nanee McGee said...

Great cover, excerpt s awesome...sounds like a great book

BookLady said...

What a great excerpt! Looking forward to reading the rest of Circle of Defiance. Thanks for sharing.

bn100 said...

Looks nice

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Cari Hislop said...

I've never been a big tattoo fan, though my husband has several (remnants of his not so sober youth). I do think the one down the arm on the cover is quite sexy. I think one or two statement pieces can work well, but they need to fit the body (if that makes sense).

Its a great opening for a story you know will be full of bad-a**es!!! ;)

cart at thehislops dot co dot uk

Charlotte said...

Beautiful cover,very exciting excerpt looking forward to reading.My bookshelf is growing larger by the day. Best Wishes to you.

Carla Swafford said...

I'm sorry. Be running around like I'm nuts (hush, Nancy) and forgot to post the winners.

Sue Sattler

Congratulations. You can contact me at carlaswafford @ THANKS!!

Shadow said...

Oh my! That was some teaser! I want more! Definitely going on my TBR. You have my hooked and intrigued. Definitely cant wait to see what her family says. lol Thank you for sharing! Awesome cover, btw!