Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to you and your books!

Today is my birthday and I had planned this post so that I could sip my morning coffee on my front porch and wax on about writerly things. Well....wax OFF!  I had a day of sun and reading and writing to look forward to, invariably followed by dinner with loved ones at a restaurant requiring me to wear a broad hat of some sort and drink from a cactus.  What's the phrase, "the best laid plans?" (No, none of that by the way, either).

Instead I find myself posting late on my assigned day, after getting called to a remote town, far from family, in a DRY county and working a 14 hour day. But, my husband texted me a picture of him drinking a pleasure beverage in my honor, so, um, thanks for that, dear.

But, the day is not a total loss. I'm writing. And I'm definitely reading before bed. Traditions I plan to keep every year, along with some of the other ones I mentioned. I am also looking forward to things like Book Birthdays, which I see authors celebrating. Having book birthdays seems like a very writerly thing to do.

So, tell me about your birthday traditions. Best birthdays you've had? If you are published, do you celebrate Book Birthdays?  And how cool would it be to release a book ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!?

Tell it!  And one commenter will receive an awesome read. In honor of all birthdays, I would like to give away a copy of Meda White's fabulous novella, Winter Formal. It is one of my favorite stories, and I want you to have the same joy I experienced reading it. Like, BIRTHDAY JOY! I'll pick a winner on Friday morning to make up for my tardiness in posting. And don't forget, all commenters are eligible for the September drawing for a KINDLE FIRE HD! Winning that would be BIRTHDAY JOY too.

Winter Formal: A Southern College Novella.
Life is going according to plan for Sibba Douglas until she gets blackmailed. Her future dream of being a doctor is threatened unless she can help a spoiled fraternity boy do well on the MCAT.
Nash Lincoln knows he needs to settle down and focus on his studies, but academics have taken a back seat to social events and he’s coasting by on little sleep and lots of pills. The distraction of a tutor he’s admired from afar isn’t helping matters.
Substance abuse leads to tragedy and draws Sibba and Nash closer together. But it may also be the thing that tears them apart.

For the month of September, Southern Magic celebrates their Readers Luncheon being held November 1 in Birmingham, AL. NYT bestselling author Sylvia Day is the keynote speaker.  Come back and visit every day. Each post will be giving away a book or gift card! At the end of the blogfest, a grand prize winner of a Kindle Fire HD will be picked from everyone who comment during the month and be announced September 30. 

To register for the luncheon, go to Each attendee will receive a bag of books and author swag, sit at a table with one or two published authors, and opportunities to win baskets full of goodies.


Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! I have had so many birthdays, so, so, many, that I totally I can't exactly pinpoint one particular day above all the rest. Mainly because I wake up that day thinking WOW! I've made it another year; Thank You Lord. The most memorable birthdays are not my own; they belong to my friends, my family and especially my three daughters. I do recall the date of the first song I wrote which was recorded and used in our community play. Another date I recall most vividly was the day I refer to as my rebirth. I had a massive heart attack and was clinically dead for seven minutes. I had an out of body experience which is quite a story in itself.I had memory loss, but regained much of it. That was probably the best year of my life; I learned to appreciate and live each moment. Although the best laid plans go out the window sometimes, you are still writing and getting to read before your special day ends and your sweet husband did celebrate for you.Many happy returns Ali.

Ali Hubbard said...

Thank you, Charlotte! I feel exactly the same way...just so happy and grateful to be here :-) That is gift enough today. And I'm also like you in that I remember my daughter's birthdays more than mine!

That is great about your Song Birthday. How wonderful! Such a unique and wonderful ability you have!

As for your health experience, I can only say that I am so pleased to find you well now!!!! It sounds like the makings of a good book....and books always make things better.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Cari Hislop said...

It never occurred to me to celebrate my books birthdays, but I have occasionally thought about celebrating certain characters' birthdays. The loud bossy ones that get a lot of attention (apparently they never get enough), but so far I haven't.

Most of my birthdays seem slightly (or a whole lot) blurry (and I don't even drink). That could be because I usually try to bleed as many days out of my birthday celebrations as possible. I usually think of it as birthday week or birthday month. Any excuse to get more presents or get out of doing the washing up! ;)

cari at thehislops dot co dot uk

Callie James said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, Ali. Happy Birthday to you! Woot! This is a great post! It sounds like the beginning of every heroine's journey. Dry county, 14-hour work day, none of those plans worked out... but hey, reading before bed. Got to appreciate those little things. And that's a luxury anymore for me. Usually I collapse with only a vague memory of falling to sleep.

I love the idea of a book birthday! I'm definitely going to have two next year, so thanks for that. I will always remember hitting "publish" on that first book. Hubby and I were drinking champagne and singing "Let It Go" quite loudly. Yes, we got way too silly that night.

I may have to do that again on the first book birthday next year. :)

Jen Klein said...

What a great post! My favorite birthday celebrations include family. When we were kids, all of the relatives would come over for cake and ice cream. As an adult, I've been able to travel a couple of times for my birthday with mom and grandma. Wonderful memories.

My birthday gift to myself is usually a couple of new hardback books (don't buy many of these anymore) Grisham and Picoult always seem to release new books right around my birthday.

A new kindle hd would be a wonderful bday gift.

Carla Swafford said...

Sorry you had a sucky birthday. But here's to you for having the right attitude! Hugs. And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! You're looking good for just becoming legal - 21!


Meda White said...

I used to celebrate my Birthday month until I started gaining weight. At the same time, I was supposed to be following a New Year's Resolution to eat better (darn January Birthdays- no pool parties either). Now, factoring in Book Birthdays, I better leave it to just the one day or I might have to borrow someone's diabetic medication.

Thank you for loving and sharing Winter Formal and Happy Birthday again...and many more...Salud!

bn100 said...

No traditions; celebrate with family and friends

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Ali Hubbard said...

Oooh, a birthday week! Why didn't I think of that sooner? Lol.

And you are right about the bossy characters. They never seem to get enough attention.

I should also trade places with you this week since you don't drink. I'm at a loss about this dry county. Lol. I just wanted one drink. :-) or to sit at the bar and socialize a bit. No socializing.

Ali Hubbard said...

It sounds like you had a book BIRTH! I love that. Definitely celebrate the Book Birthdays.

My day ended on a wonderful note. I don't know what I would do without books :-)

Ali Hubbard said...

I love your birthday style! Family and books! You can't go wrong there. Traveling? Even better.

Ali Hubbard said...

Lol. You just made it allll better. 21...*snort*

And it wasn't sucky. I enjoy working and have met some interesting people. I like to think I'm flexible and adaptable, so this let me test that. But I'm apparently NOT flexible about a dry county. Lolol.

Ali Hubbard said...

Thank YOU for writing such a funny, lovely, sharp book! Hmmm...January birthday and New Year's Resolutions. Not a great combo. Lolol.

As for pool parties, in Illinois I have wonderful memories of pool parties at hotels during the winter. It was pretty common. But that's because there's only 2 months of outside pool weather. Haha. I've never heard of hotel pool parties in Alabama. Maybe need to start that new tradition!

Ali Hubbard said...

Thanks for stopping by! The family and friends are the most important part of the birthday to me!

Shadow said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had fun! Celebrating book birthdays does sound pretty awesome! :) Lots of fun there! Are you gonna make a goal to release a book on your birthday? Sounds like a great idea! Winter Formal sounds great! I love a book like this. Real characters beating the odds! Thanks for sharing!