Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebrating Grog and ROMANCING THE JEWEL Release!

Buon Giorno! ("Ahoy, me hearties," ARRR!!!) Katherine Bone back to parlay with the Romance Magicians. Help me spread the love, eh? The Southern Magic Romance Writers are celebrating a FANtastic bash  their annual September Blog Fest. Woot!!! 

Jack winces. "Blog? I thought you said this was a Grog Fest?" Shivers....

Pssst. Snaps fingers at Jack's undead monkey. "Play along." 

As pirates, Jack and me are privy to all sorts of rollickin' rum-induced fun. As an author and pirate captain, I'm partial to sharin' treasure. It's one of me joys. As a woman who cherishes those she loves, I know riches come in many different forms: the family sort, crew variety (loves me crew! *waves*), and the sparkly shiny. (Ka-ching BLING!!!) 

Have I ever mentioned my favorite color is green, by chance? Green and bling.

"That has a wonderful ring to it, luv."

"Aye, that it does, Jack!"

Where was I? Oh, yes! I'm so happy to announce that tomorrow, September 23rd, I'll have a release that incorporates many of my favorite things: green, treasure/bling, and all things Italian. ROMANCING THE JEWEL is a relaunch of my first contemporary set in a fictional province of Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea Monte Blanco. 

Why did a pirate author write a contemporary romance set off of the coast of Italy?

In 1982, my rogue and I moved to Monterey, CA, to begin six months of Italian Language School at DLI (Defensive Language Institute) before flying to Vicenza, Italy, for a three year Army assignment. 

Newlyweds + The most romantic language in the world + Italy = Two children. (Pirate!) ;)

Italians are the most gracious and romantic people I've ever met. So four children later, when I thought about writing a contemporary, even wondered if I could do it, the first place I wanted to write about was the place I longed to return to Italy. And who isn't more hero material than an Italian prince or David Gandy, eh?

Grimaces... "Well propertied, to be sure."

So, you see? Treasure comes in many forms, whether via memories, chocolate doubloons, pieces of eight, Italian palaces, yachts, speedboats, and even long lost emeralds. 


ROMANCING THE JEWEL is a contemporary book after my own heart, dear readers. Writing this book was a way of returning to the Italy I will always cherish. I hope you'll escape to Monte Blanco when you get the chance!

Jack winks. "I've got a ship and a compass that points to what I want most."

"Tiamo, Jack!" Swoons...


Carolina didn't think being kidnapped by a prince was too bad...until he stole her heart.
Caroline Beugre is a small town girl who longs for her own upscale jewelry store in downtown Atlanta. To fund her nest egg, she’s created a copy of an emerald necklace from her uncle’s private collection, hoping the gems will be her ticket to stardom. Little does she know her decision will lead her into the hands of an intensely powerful charismatic man determined to uncover the secrets of her past and ignite her passions.
Italian prince Gian-Paolo Montovanni risks losing his throne if he doesn’t put an end to his playboy ways and produce a fiancée no later than his thirtieth birthday. The problem? His princess-to-be must be wearing the Montovanni emeralds, a traditional gift which hasn’t been seen for twenty years. When he discovers an American is selling a copy of his mother’s gems, he will do anything to find them — including romancing the jewel.

If you could have any jewel you wanted, what type of stone and what color would it be?

For the month of September, Southern Magic celebrates their Readers Luncheon being held November 1 in Birmingham, AL. NYT bestselling author Sylvia Day is the keynote speaker.  Come back and visit every day. Each post will be giving away a book or gift card! At the end of the blogfest, a grand prize winner of a Kindle Fire HD will be picked from everyone who comment during the month and be announced September 30.

To register for the luncheon, go to Each attendee will receive a bag of books and author swag, sit at a table with one or two published authors, and opportunities to win baskets full of goodies.

Are you ready to play? One lucky commenter will receive a ROMANCING THE JEWEL bracelet and pirate swag. ARRR!!!



Cari Hislop said...

Congratulations on your latest release! No one said Pirate-romance-writers couldn't time travel! ;)

Favorite jewel...that's so tough! I'd be torn between black opals, blood red rubies and star sapphires...if I wasn't hypnotised by the light glinting off a large diamond (of any colour) or dragon an ideal world one's treasure chest would have samples of all of them!

Nicole Laverdure said...

Congratulations Katherine for the release of your book!
Your stories are always fun to read!
My favorite stone has to be purple, so I love an amethyst!

Katherine Bone said...

Lady Cari, thank you so much for commenting today. Woot!!! I adore your "No one said Pirate-romance-writers couldn't time travel!" May I use that in follow up posts? (Pirate!)

Love the stones you picked. Elegant and fabulous!!! Good luck!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Uber BIG shout out to one of me Street Team members, Lady Nicole! Woot!!!

Thank you for stopping by, madame! And for some reason I knew you'd be picking amethyst. You look AMAZEBALLZ in purple!

Patty Denke said...

I think emeralds would do it for me Captain Bone! set in gold, with diamond accents, necklace, tiara, bracelet, a ring, and to top it off, swing earrings with a touch of Middle East to their look.
I am looking forward to reading this one,

Katherine Bone said...

Lady Patty, you ARRR a crewmate after me own heart! Emeralds are my favorite stone of all. There's something earthy about an emerald to me.

Also love your added touch of Middle Eastern flavor. Scrumptious!!!

Deborah O'Neill Cordes said...

Arrrr! Yer post 'twas most beauteous, Captain Katherine. An' methinks the verra best jewel be a aquamarine, as 'tis blue as the Carib Sea. Arrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

It releases tomorrow? How exciting! Congratulations, Katherine!

Katherine Bone said...

Oh, Lady Deborah, somehow I knew you'd love any stone related to the sea. Excellent choice for you, m'dear!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Lady Moriah! It is very exciting to finally see this-book-of-my-heart release. Thank you so much!!!

Meda White said...

I love all this pirate talk. Argh :) Italy is one of my favorites of the foreign places I've visited. Best wishes with your book, Katherine and congratulations!

Cari Hislop said...

Arrr Matey! Pirate me words away! Jems of the word variety were meant to be captured and put to use...not slung in the long boat or tied to the mast...


Now I shall spend the rest of my evening singing to myself...what shall we do with a drunken sailor...(which I oddly learned at primary school...along with Tom Dooley...both grim songs... Arr Matey...they puts hair on me chest...shiver me timbers...where did I put me cut throat razor?

Rita Bay said...

Congrats on your upcoming release. You're not going to believe this, but I lived in Aviano (AFB), Italy for two years - almost neighbors. It's a beautiful area. As for jewels, I LOVE opals. Don't wear them, but like to look at them, esp the fire opals.

Charlotte said...

The amethyst would have to be my choice as top of the gems list; not only is it beautiful but it is known for it's healing and cleansing properties. On the flip side of that coin,are all the other nine hundred ninety nine million amazing,gorgeous
gems. Just bring on that treasure chest filled to the brim, and I'll n'er refuse it. Congratulations on your new release. I love historical romance, can't wait to read it. I am

bn100 said...

blue diamond

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Katherine Bone said...

"I love all this pirate talk. Argh :)"

Lady Meda, you know I love it when you start talkin' pirate! Woot!!! ;)

Katherine Bone said...

Lady Cari, I hear ya! LOL!!! With my young grandson aboard ship, we hear/sing a lot of:

"Welcome to the land of Jack and the Neverland Pirates, come aboard me hearties and be a pirate too."

Katherine Bone said...

"You're not going to believe this, but I lived in Aviano (AFB), Italy for two years - almost neighbors."

ACK!!! That's fabulous, Lady Rita!!! Aviano is such a cool place! My husband had a command near there at Udine. LOVE!

There are just times when the world gets even smaller, eh? Our adventures take us on so many far away journeys, only to find/meet/see again close to home those we saw in distant places.

Katherine Bone said...

Welcome, welcome Lady Charlotte!!! I love your reasoning about there being so many luxurious gems to love out there. So true!

That's two for amethyst. Woot!

I do want to make sure ye know that ROMANCING THE JEWEL is my first contemporary. I normally write historicals though, which may make this a win win for me, eh? Heehee!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Ahoy, bn100!!! Great to see you here, m'lady!

DogsMom said...

So many choices, I always have a hard time chosing. For me the gift is always a reflection of the giver so any jewel would be precious.

I do have a liking for Tiger Eye meself.

Congratulations Cap'n Katherine!

Ali Hubbard said...

Congrats on your new release! You had me at "Italy." lol.

As for many! I'm partial to my birthstone sapphire. But Alexandrite and Tanzanite are nice too!

Johanna Denton said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I can't wait to read it. My favorite color is blue so I would have to go with sapphires, although diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Shadow said...

Congrats on your release!! Sounds awesome! Awesome cover! Its definitely eye catching. :) My favorite is an amethyst. I love the color purple, its my favorite. I also believe that rocks and crystals have certain abilities and powers. This one is a great protection stone. Beautiful and useful! :) Oh! I forgot, i love opals! There gorgeous! Okay, i have two favorites. lol Thanks for sharing! Congrats and best wishes!

Katherine Bone said...

Bilge rats, I apologize for just now seeing your responses and getting to me giveaway, me hearties!

Lady DogsMom, you do have good taste. Me rogue loves Tigers Eye as well. He got that on his West Point ring! ;)

Katherine Bone said...

Ahoy, Lady Ali!!! Thank you for you kind words! You mentioned some greats stones there. Are any of them your birthstone?

Katherine Bone said...

Lady Johanna!!! Congrats on winning the grand prize, SM Blog Fest Kindle, by the by! Great job, m'lady!!!

I agree, diamonds are a girl's best friend, but sapphires remind me of the sea. Woot!

Katherine Bone said...

Ahoy, Shadow! Thank you for commenting on my book cover. I adore it!

Another amethyst, eh? Great stone! And according to Chakra, stones do have medicinal power. I've got books on different crystals and such for my Pirate & The Talisman Series coming up in 2015. Very excited about it! Book One is done. As soon as my Nelson's Tea Series is finished, I'll be getting that series ready to go.

Katherine Bone said...

"Yes, dearie?"
"Drum roll, please."
Tata Tat Tata Tat BumBum Bummmmm

And the winner of me giveaway is.... Charlotte!!! Loved your count of the 999 million gems. Woot! I'll be emailing ye today!