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The Holidays are almost here so I thought it would be fun to interview Penny Watson.  You can’t think of Christmas without thinking about the Klaus Brothers.  After all, they so hot they are melting to polar ice caps.    The latest Klaus Brothers release is coming soon and I’ve heard rumors about a little something extra you don’t normally see in romance…

What are you working on now?  And are the rumors true?
My soon-to-be-released project is a Christmas fantasy. It’s SWEET ADVENTURE, the third installment of the Klaus Brothers Series.  And yes, Virginia, it does include a Yeti!
It also includes a tenacious tabloid reporter, the chief toymaker in the North Pole, psychotic frost flowers, a category four snowstorm, and plenty of romance.
Here’s the Goodreads link, with the book blurb and cover:
Where did your idea of Klaus brothers come from?
My inspiration for this series was an incongruous overlap of events.  1.) I was infatuated  with JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I loved the whole brotherhood concept, so I decided to create a family with five sexy brothers. 2.) I had “scenes” pop into my head that were happening in a freezing cold environment. So I thought…North Pole! 3.) I watched Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and I was charmed by the adorable outdoor wedding between Kris Kringle and Jessica. I decided that Santa’s village could be a really sweet backdrop for a romance. (And fun, too…think rowdy elves!)
The Klaus Brothers are the five sexy sons of Santa, who help him run his empire—Klaus Enterprises. I will be releasing the last three parts of the series in 2014, 2015, and 2016.
Book #1 is SWEET INSPIRATION, about Nicholas Klaus, who happens to be a master pastry chef. Book #2 is SWEET MAGIK, about Oskar Klaus, Director of Elfin Resources in the North Pole. Book #3 (SWEET ADVENTURE) is Sven’s story. Sven Klaus is the Chief Toymaker for Klaus Enterprises. His story is being released this holiday season!

"Apples Should be Red" is one of my favorite novellas.  I love that it has older characters.  What gave you the idea to make such a curmudgeon a romantic lead and what do you think of the response you've received to the story as well as Tom and Bev?
My whole motivation for writing APPLES SHOULD BE RED was to break the standard romance novel “rules” and see if I could still create a successful love story. I made the characters older than the norm (59/62). I made the hero a grumpy borderline alcoholic curmudgeon. The heroine was uptight and repressed at the beginning of the story. Basically, both of the characters were unlikable at the beginning of the book. Was it possible to not only make the reader like them by the conclusion, but also to root for their budding romance and happy ending? That was my goal.
I get fan mail every week from older women who find this novella to be a breath of fresh air. There are very few romance novels with main characters who fall into this age bracket. Some readers call it “OA” for Older Adult romance. Hee hee!
Amazon link for APPLES SHOULD BE RED:

What inspired you to become a writer?
I was always interested in creative writing, even as a child. From the time I was eight years old, I was an obsessive reader and writer.  I would wander around the neighborhood concocting the “perfect paragraph” in my head.
I sound like a wackadoodle, don’t I? Oh well!

What are your thoughts on self publishing now that Apples has been out for a while? Do you think it was the right way to go?
Self-publishing has always been the right choice for me. I like to make all of the decisions about my book—from concept and cover design to promo strategy and release date. I’m a control freak, so it works out very well for me.
I will say that my initial publishing experience—with a small digital press—taught me a lot about the industry and was a great way to get started. All of the things that I learned from that introduction served me well later on when I decided to self-publish.

Do you have any advice to writers thinking of self publish that haven't made the leap yet?
If you decide to self-pub, you’re starting your own business. You need to be on board with that. Some folks love all those details, some don’t. If you only want to focus on the writing, it’s probably better to follow a traditional path. If you like the idea of starting your own personal publishing company, self-pubbing is a great option.

And what the heck is about lumberjacks anyway?

Big. Brawny. Sexy. Beardy.

Does that answer your question?

LUMBERJACK IN LOVE is my bestselling novella. It’s a fun romantic comedy set in Vermont. I admit I have an intense love for bearded heroes. Marcus Anderson designs and builds tree houses, he owns a log cabin in Vermont, and he has a cute Bulldog for a pet. He’s my perfect guy!

I highly recommend Penny's Lumberjack Pinterest Board 

PENNY WATSON is a bestselling author of romantic, fantasy, and humorous fiction, a blogger/reviewer, a promo consultant and social media specialist, a beard aficionado, a lover of cocktails, and a plant geek. She is also the author of a children’s series (writing as Nina Clark) called LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE.

Penny’s 3rd Klaus Brothers novella releases in November.  I’ll give away three copies as soon as it released.  Use Rafflecopter to enter.  If you’re not already following Penny on Twitter or Facebook you’re missing all the fun.  

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 About Lexxi
Lexxi Callahan writes contemporary romance novels set in and around the New Orleans area. Solving for Nic, Book 2 is The Southern Style Series is expected to release in December 2014.  You can usually find Lexxi on Twitter  @callahanlexxie

Lexxi would also like to note that Solving for Nic would not be releasing without Penny Watson and her tireless hours of hand holding and butt kicking.   If you don't think you can make real friends on Twitter, you aren't following the right people .  Thanks, Penny!!!!  



kari lemor said...

It's about time another Klaus Brother book came out. I have been waiting (not so) patiently for this. Penny is an amazing writer and I will quickly devour anything she writes.

Charlotte said...

I love Christmas romances so am looking forward to reading the Klaus Brother's stories. I also love humor sounds like I'm in for a treat. Nice interview. Best Wishes

Charlotte said...

I love Christmas romances so am looking forward to reading the Klaus Brother's stories. I also love humor sounds like I'm in for a treat. Nice interview. Best Wishes

Laura K. Curtis said...

Beards, no beards... I can't say I have a particular stance on beardedness! But I do have a stance on humor, and that's BRING IT ON :)

Brenda Jackels said...

I know I love the look of beards on men. I don't know any intimately, though, so I don't know if I'd like that aspect of a bearded guy. :)

Laurie Evans said...

I like my hubby clean shaven, but I like looking at pictures of sexy bearded men. Can I answer that way?

Shadow said...

I love the sound of your series! Sounds cute and different! And im a huge Christmas fan! And who doesnt love some sexy brothers? :P Im not a big fan of beards but i do like a bit of shadow! lol Thanks for sharing! Have a great night!

bn100 said...

not a fan of bears

bn100 said...

not a fan of beards

Mary Preston said...

I don't like beards at all.

Cari Hislop said...

Your stories sound brilliant! Love the idea of Santa having sons who help run his empire. I'm going to have to go check out the bearded lumber jack in Vermont. That sounds super cute! For some reason I'm really drawn to stories that take place in New England (never been there - hope to some day).