Friday, August 08, 2014

Winter Formal Cover/Trailer Reveal & A Calling

Y'all will probably think I've lost my mind, but I have another novella coming out in September. (And another in October.) With this production schedule, I keep asking myself, "What were you thinking?"

On the advice of some successful indie authors, I decided to get my name out there and try to find some readers who enjoy my voice. Is it working? Too early to tell, but I've jumped in with both feet and a lot of faith.

Are there any other authors out there who feel "called" to write romance? I do. The characters and stories in my head are there for a reason.  They need an outlet, and if they make the world a little happier for just one person, then I've succeeded.

Without further ado, check out the cover for Winter Formal. The story still has a little humor, but it deals with a bit more serious subjects. That's why I love the serenity of this couple- finding peace and each other though hard circumstances. To me, the blue sky is a sign of hope. (And the pine trees scream Southern Alabama.)
Life is going according to plan for Sibba Douglas until she gets blackmailed. Her future dream of being a doctor is threatened unless she can help a spoiled fraternity boy do well on the MCAT.
Nash Lincoln knows he needs to settle down and focus on his studies, but academics have taken a back seat to social events and he’s coasting by on little sleep and lots of pills. The distraction of a tutor he’s admired from afar isn’t helping matters.
Substance abuse leads to tragedy and draws Sibba and Nash closer together. But it may also be the thing that tears them apart.
Check out the Book Trailer:
This book trailer was the most difficult one I've made so far because I was searching for a balance with the elements of the story. As Providence would have it, the song that was chosen for me as part of the theme, turned out to be almost perfect. It was so easy that I kept questioning whether it needed more. In the end, I had to have faith and let it go.
Do you ever feel that way about the stories you create? Does reading romance help restore your faith in love?


Ali Hubbard said...

The cover really is perfect for this story. I'm so excited about it. And proud of you for publishing. I love the Southern College Novellas...can't wait!

Meda White said...

Ali, thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I'm so excited. *big smiles*

Callie James said...

Meda, this cover is great! It has such a warmth to it. Love the storyline, too. Must get a copy.

From everything I've heard about self-publishing, you're doing it right. Putting out lots! Don't make yourself crazy though. That's a lot of publishing, which is super stressful!

I'll only have two books out until next year, but I promised myself I'd finish the current trilogy and put it out all at once. That means 2015 for sure.

I wish you lots of success! Treat yourself to some downtime in between the crazy!

Jamie Farrell said...

It's gorgeous, Meda! Congratulations!! :-)

Meda White said...

Thank you, Callie. I plan to slow down after this year- maybe 2-3 books a year. I love your plan to put out the trilogy all at once. Best wishes with that. I am craving some downtime to just sit and read- my Kindle overfloweth. :)

Meda White said...

Thank you, Jamie Farrell. And congratulations to you on The Husband Games. Best wishes for many sales. :)

Louisa Cornell said...

What a great cover !! You are really jumping into this and everything I have heard says that is THE way to go. CONGRATS !! I am thrilled for you!

Cari Hislop said...

It sounds like a lovely story! I'm amazed at some people's ability to write so fast. I'm soooo slow.

I think the world needs romances and needs every romance writer's romances. As you say we're all searching for that voice - that word flow - that will drag us into the zone and pull us into another world, make us laugh or help give us that cathartic cry and help us heal.

Some people sneer at romances, but they've probably never read any (or haven't yet read the ones written in the voice they need). When I find a romance author whose word flow grabs me I become like a drug addict needing the next hit. I think romances can and do enhance our lives. There's the hope aspect, but depending on the book and the author and what we need at the time we're reading - romances can inspire us - change us for the better (if we let them).

Alicia Coleman said...

Congratulations Meda! Looking forward reading it!

Meda White said...

~Thanks, Louisa. I'm on fire. ;) LOL

~Cari, I actually have a lot already written, they just need some spit and polish before I send them out into the world. :) Your words about the need for romances are so inspiring and true. Thank you.

~Thank you, Alicia. I really appreciate that. :)

Charlotte said...

Meda, I have already read everything you have put out there and I am impaiently wait for the next. There is a little Magic about the way you write. It seems to come more from your heart than your head and that is what draws me in and allows me to believe in happily ever after. Through the years I've seen the trials and struggles of couples,and that extraordinary love that keeps them together til death do them part forever. You are doing something right. Keep up the good work and hurry!!! Congratulations on your releases.