Sunday, July 06, 2014

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, The Goldbergs, and one slightly used handheld camcorder...

Yes, I'm doing this today: 

If I could, I'd give credit where credit is due, because I am a big believer in reciprocal promo and h/t's. However, there are about 50 images on the internet that have exactly this pic (h/t TinEye Reverse Image Search) and I didn't go through them all to find its originator. 
So... my sincere thanks to the genius who figured out this food hack first. 

Now... I'm going to attempt a vlog in the a.m. with this.** Soooo.... if you're up early enough (say 6 a.m.'ish, depending on how cooperative my dog is for her morning walk), I invite you to join me! (Don't get too excited... this won't be viral worthy. Please. It's going to be early.) 

And afterward, I expect everyone to go run around the block at least twice! 

Editing note** No, I didn't oversleep and I didn't forget. 
I DID make these... hmmm... I'll name them 
Bacinnamon Rolls
BUT! One day that little camcorder is the niftiest, grooviest thing since the Polaroid Swing (remember those?) and then we move on... 
only to find that the nifty groovy underused handheld camcorder is no longer compatible with the rest of the world's devices. 

(Anybody want to buy a slightly used, almost like new handheld camcorder? Yeah, didn't think so.) 
Do you watch The Goldbergs? I thought it would be lame - it's nothing more than a family sitcom set in the 80's, a mom, a dad, a grandpa, and three kids who are much more precocious with electronics and sophisticated with the accelerating 80's pace of life and morals and attitudes than their parents. 
I've come to have a love/hate relationship with that show because my kids see me as the "smother" who wants to be involved in every aspect of her childrens' lives (with strictly good intentions and the expected bad outcomes) as well as Murray, who can't quite catch up with the attitudes, the morals, the ways of doing business, his childrens' attitudes, and the &%*#! VCR that refuses to heed his verbal commands. (Heh... he should have been cast in that commercial instead of Gary Busey. Although, Gary Busey talking to his pants does crack me up every time.) 

I guess that's the state I see so many of us midlife writers in - struggling to keep up with Facebook, on top of Twitter, G+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Trying to figure out how to get the blog to behave, much less write a post that entertains, attracts readers, and makes sense. And then splitting the little bit of remaining gray matter left in the brain to write a novel... not to mention pitching, querying, submitting, and keeping up with RWA politics. 

Throw in a little bit of Windows 8.1 and Wordpress website plug-ins, along with formatting and uploading for Kindle and wondering about Smashwords and confusion over Amazon vs. Hachette and you're 

Murray Goldberg.

I have no answers and I have to end my rambling - calories to burn, you know.
But I do have delicious Bacinnamon Rolls and coffee, and if you have anything to help with the delirium, please comment.

You might just win a slightly used handheld camcorder that does not respond to verbal commands OR Windows 8.1. 


Aidee Ladnier said...

I want some of those rolls!!!!

Pamela Mason said...

Aidee, if you do it, you might precook your own bacon and then roll it up in the dough.
I used 'bought' precooked bacon, and there wasn't much bacon taste. But if you use RAW bacon, that might be too greasy for the cinnamon roll (for my taste anyways).
That's what I'd do myself.
Thanks for reading!

bn100 said...

Interesting rolls