Monday, July 14, 2014

Playlist for Play With My Heart

In my recent release from Soul Mate Publishing, Play With My Heart, my heroine is a musician who's in a band...with her ex. Nice, huh? Anyway, Liz plays country and Southern rock music on one of her many guitars. She occasionally sings, but mostly backup with the occasional duet thrown in. In the book, there are several songs that are mentioned/played/sung. Check out the playlist below to see if there are any songs you enjoy. Keep reading to the bottom for a surprise.

Seven Bridges Road- Eagles
Long Train Running- Doobie Brothers
Down By The River- Neil Young

The Rain Song- Led Zeppelin
Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Play With My Heart- An Original Song by Meda White
Haha- no video of me playing and singing it- yet!

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Are there any songs above that you love? If not, what Southern rock song/artist is your favorite?


Ali Hubbard said...

Those songs are perfect for the book!!!

Meda White said...

Thanks, Ali. There could've also been some Eric Clapton and The Beatles, but I don't think I mentioned either by name in the book, unlike the others. :)

Aidee Ladnier said...

Great playlist!!! I'm totally signing up for your newsletter. I can't wait to see a video of you playing your're gonna do it, right?

Meda White said...

Thanks, Aidee. I might be too shy to video myself playing/singing. I might be able to get my sister to sing it while I play. Bribery and lies. "No one will ever see this. Cross my heart." :)

Philisha Stephens said...

I have music in my head when I'm writing too. Sometimes a song can inspire the story or help me put the emotions on the page. Love it.

Meda White said...

I hear you, Philisha. Even a piece of a verse can give me ideas. Then I listen over and over. Drives Hubba-luv crazy. :)