Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ready, Set, Promo...Wait, I need to tie my shoes

You know that saying “Can’t see the trees for the forest”?

You had to read that again, didn’t you? I meant to turn it on it’s head. I feel like I’m on my head lately, and not because of too much yoga either. I’m launching my first full length novel in two weeks and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. The forest is too big and I’m having trouble navigating the maze of trees know as marketing and promotion.

Even with the help of the brilliant and talented Kelley Jefferson at Smut Book Junkie, I still find myself staring at my notebook and trying to figure out the next step. Am I forgetting something?

It’s like being at one of those races where the start and finish lines are very close to each other. From the start, you see the big FINISH and think, it’s only a few steps. The reality is that it’s several miles and thousands of steps until you can cross that line.

They say to “keep your eye on the prize”, but in my case, I need to look at where my next baby step is going to land. If I don’t, I might end up crying by the side of the road with a twisted ankle wondering why I started in the first place.

John Bingham says about marathon running, “The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” I need to remember that because there is no finish line when it comes to this writing career. A book launch is a starting line disguised as a finish line. You think it’s finally over, but really it’s just a new race. Once my baby launches, I’ll be like an overprotective parent tracking it to see how it’s doing. I’ll have to trust that all the preparation before the gun sounds will be enough.

Well, I have to go tighten my laces and get some more training in or I’ll never be ready for launch.

How do you keep your eyes on the prize without losing your footing? Advice and good juju are welcome and appreciated.


Aidee Ladnier said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you, Meda! It will be tons of fun. Take a deep breath and celebrate!

Meda White said...

Thanks, Aidee. Congratulations on your release too. Best wishes for huge success.

Cari Hislop said...

What about using your phone camera to make a visual diary of the book launch process? You could take a photo every time you feel excited or stressed (by the process) and afterwards you'd be able to look over the images and remember what you enjoyed, what you hated, what you'd do the same and what you might want to do differently. Click! Memory saved. :)

I hope you have a fantastic book launch and you find lots of lovely readers!!!

Louisa Cornell said...

CONGRATS to Aidee and Meda both!! And I think Cari's idea is stellar! Keep some sort of diary about what you did for promo. Anytime something strikes you as something really useful, make a note of it. If something strikes you as really annoying and not worth it, note that too. And keep a list of those bloggers and reviewers who were good to work with and those who maybe weren't so good. :)

Meda White said...

Cari- Thanks for the great idea. I'm taking notes but I hadn't thought of pictures. Thank you also for your kind words. Have a wonderful day! :)

Louisa-Thank you. I have so many notes my eyes are crossing. I'm trying to figure out what will fit into my budget and still entertain others and enjoy the process. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Larynn Ford said...

I am so excited for you, Meda!! I regretted not taking the day off from my day job when my first book released so I've remedied that for my July release. I'll be able to enjoy the rush better at home where I can see the events I've set up unfold.

I'm want to hear every detail, all the ups and downs you experience.

Ali Hubbard said...

I am so absolutely THRILLED with your upcoming release. :-))))
Enjoy every bit of it. And get your cocktail ready! As for a medal? You've got 80% of that just need the "l" at the end. So, seems like MEDAL is mostly MEDA to me!