Friday, May 30, 2014

Yeah, Yeah, I Know It's Cheating . . .

I had several great ideas for posts, but ran out of time. Blasted day job! Anyway, I wanted to make sure everyone knew about two great Romance Readers Luncheons going on in Alabama. And really, you need to go to both of them. If you've never been and you think $35 to $48 (amount determined at the time you sign up) is too much, let me list what you get by just signing up and walking in. (Quit laughing Nancy and Heather. Yes, I love lists.)

1) You get a meal that includes dessert. YES! Dessert. I don't know about you but if cake or pie is included, I'm there.

2) You get a goody bag of books, book marks, pens (everyone loves those - they're fun to use and embarrass your male friends, husband/boyfriend or whatever. They will never steal them too.), chocolate, and some of the most interesting swag you can imagine. If you're lucky and get some of mine, it will include two car cup-holder coasters. They're so useful and neat. Figure it would be best to let you know. Some people think they are just extra small coasters. Well, they are sorta.

3) You get to talk to your favorite author or new-to-you author(s). Yep. You can go up to an author and tell her/him how much you love her/his books.

4)  You get more goodies at the table you pick or land at. Nearly all of the authors have some type of treat waiting for you. And often there are two authors at the table (2 authors and 6 readers) and you know what that means! Double goodies! I've got some great goodies to give away at my table. My hint is on the right of what one of my two exciting swag looks like. Who's my table partner? They haven't said, but I know I will be as excited as you. Love meeting new-to-me authors. Of course, sitting next to those-I-already-know-and-love is fun too.

5) You get numerous opportunities to win door prizes. Every author who is attending brings a basket/box/purse/etc. of books and (more) goodies that is given away as individual door prizes. No tickets needed. Your name on the attendance roster is used in the drawings.

6) You get opportunities for more giveaways. So bring extra cash. We usually have some wonderful baskets that we made or someone donated. That usually includes e-readers.

7) You get to hear a New York Times bestselling author speak. And I tell you, I've never been bored. We have some great names!

8) You get a chance to have your books (in your goody bags or purchased on site) signed by the author at the end of the program.

That's a lot of GETS! So here is the information with links.

June 14, 2014, Saturday
Heart of Dixie Romance Readers Luncheon
Huntsville, Alabama
Keynote Speaker:  Eloisa James

November 1, 2014, Saturday
Southern Magic Romance Readers Luncheon
Birmingham, Alabama
Keynote Speaker:  Sylvia Day

Click here for list of authors (Should show up soon)

Hope to see you there!!

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