Friday, May 02, 2014

What the heck does that mean? Or Why I love the Urban Dictionary (with Giveaway)

I have a deep seated fear of looking stupid or foolish. Which is silly because I frequently act like a fool.  I’ve never been quite right.  But one thing I absolutely dread is seeing slang or acronyms in social media and not having a clue what it means.  And I hate to ask because again...feeling stupid. So discovering the Urban Dictionary was such a relief.  

I recently starting noticing SHIP on twitter and kept meaning to look it up.  Meme is another one that’s been floating around.  I had a general idea of what they meant, but I like definitions.  I also love how the English Language allows us to play with words.  One of my professors in graduate school talked a lot about how English was fluid and anything goes.  English actually gives you permission to play with words and create new ones.  That lecture was before Microsoft starting preloading AOL onto these new strange things that were just coming out call PCs.  Yeah, the dark ages.  

But my professor was right and no one has had more fun with the English Language than the Internet.
So here are a few of my favorite words and acronyms I had to look up or were suggested to me, then I had to look them up: 

MEME:   I know, I know, I know I should know what this memes…I mean means.  The Urban dictionary calls it “a virus of the mind” but I guess it’s like a running joke.   
                And there’s a great website that will explain it all for you

ICYMI  In case you missed it.  Well, DUH.   (>)  <<< ---- that’s a face palm, icymi  

SHIP    I’ve been seeing this one a lot on Twitter lately and usually I’m pretty good at telling what a word mean if I see it in context. Not this time.  @sharislade had to explain to me that SHIP is from relationSHIP and well it’s nice to have virtual friends who don’t make you feel stupid.  (You should follow Shari if you’re not already.  She heads up #buffyclub Tuesday nights on Twitter and her new book is out and it’s awesome:  The Opposite of Nothing.)

PDFIT @pb_reader brought this one to my attention.  And it’s actually kind of useful. It’s basically asking someone to put a Microsoft file into a pdf.  (You should follow Liz for awesome shoe and tattoo RTs << ------   Re Tweets on Twitter and she RTed this guy a few days ago for which she has my eternal gratitude)

Which brings me to my next term  Cougar Crush:  I’m sure everyone knows what this means, I just had no idea I was one until I saw THOR and discovered Chris Hemsworth was 27 at the time.  (Oh for Tardis and a weight loss program that actually worked for me.)  The tweet above has proven that my condition is chronic and there is no cure.

OTP My Facebook buddy Maggie Welsh’s son sent this one.  It means One True Pairing.  I had not seen this one before, but it has to do with putting two characters together, or two characters that you SHIP << -----  are you seeing how this works.  I’m having a light bulb moment….and the space between light and bulb is critical because you don’t want to be a lightbulb which means you’re either inbred or a third wheel, neither of which are fun to be. 

The follow up to OTP is NOTP meaning two people that should never be a couple.  Maggie’s example for this was great.  The Doctor and DonnaMy example would be Angel and Cordy.

FEELS   this is another one I was late to the party on.  I like this one because feels makes it possible to get all mushy and emotional about something while still appearing cool.  Wait, is cool still a thing?

FETCH   just kidding,  I know what this one means. It's just such delicious irony that ten years after Mean Girls came out, FETCH has more than just happened, it's totally a meme.  There's even a TUMBLR .  So I guess Gretchen Wins!

 But the Pièce de résistance  (which is actually in the Urban Dictionary but ironically I had to go to the musty old Merriam Webster to get the definition for the way I’m using it here) is without a doubt


I LOVE THIS WORD.  I HEART IT SO HARD!  If it has to be defined for you, then I envy you.  

Anyway, to sum up, I love the Urban Dictionary and appreciate that it significantly reduces my ability to look stupid on the internet. Oh and good news, according to the Urban dictionary, Cool is still a thing. 

And you can find the URBAN DICTIONARY here   

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Maggie Welsh said...

Love the post! Minor correction, The Doctor and Donna are a BROTP (which is autocorrected to broth, go figure) which means an OTP with no romantic connection. Kind of like a bromance - think Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston *sigh*

Ingrid Seymour said...

Totally cool word "MANSPLAINING"! Love the post :)

Louisa Cornell said...

Great words and great post. MANSPLAINING is hilariously perfect!

I must confess I am still a bit confused by all of these terms, but I am learning. My only fear is that in a generation or so the English language will be obsolete and not a single person will know how to compose a sentence that makes sense or any information of any kind less than 40 characters long! LOL

robertsonreads said...

Funny post and well said or should I say "explained". I don't do twitter as I do good to keep up with Facebook. But some of those were right on and I like mansplaining.

And, occasionally, I will pull out my hard copy of the dictionary looking for a word. I can remember telling me to look a word up and I thought to myself, if I'm asking you how to spell it, how am I going to look it up?!?

ginger aka robertsonreads

Lexxi Callahan said...

I'm sure teachers probably say Google it instead of look it up in a dictionary.

bn100 said...

don't have a fav

Chris Bailey said...

I love Urban Dictionary, too! Gotta make sure I'm using fetch right.

Mary Preston said...

I can't even think of one. That is how totally out of the loop I am.

Ali Hubbard said...

Bwahahaha. Love this post. I hadn't heard of mansplaining, but I know a few!

I'm going to add one I used in my WIP:
MANSLATE: When a woman has to translate in "man language" to her guy.
"Watch after my bag. It is a Hermès "Birkin"."

Manslates to:
"Watch after my bag. It's really expensive."

I also wonder if there is a word which means, "a person does exactly what is asked. No More. No Less. Even if it is obvious that was not the intent or what is needed."
e.g. a person is told to "put your name there" and said person prints name on said spot. It's a legal-looking document and says, "signature" under said spot. When asked to put signature instead of printing, said type-of-person says, "you said put your name there. You didn't say sign it."